I often get asked by new bloggers’ Is blogging a Good Career’ And is Blogging as a career worth it? My answer is always YES! Everyone wants to become a successful blogger and earn some money. 

When the Internet is becoming the most popular platform to earn a lot of money, blogging is one of them. It could be the most popular way to earn money online

Being a blogger is very easy, you just have to start your blog and start writing on it. But! How to be a successful blogger? How to start blogging as a Career or business?

To be honest, being a successful blogger is very hard work compared to starting a blog. You might have heard, that successful bloggers are earning thousands of dollars a month, but not all.

To start blogging as a career you must work hard day and night and after a long struggle, you may become a successful blogger and can earn thousands of money.

Am I right or wrong? Let me know in the comment, below.

However, Do you Blog? Maybe you are good at technology, Science, Maths, fashion, food, etc. You can start your blog as a hobby and passion.

But did you know that you can start blogging as a career?

Read the post to the end, and I will show you how to become a successful blogger. Are you ready to know the secret, of how to turn your blog into a profitable business?

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Career for 2024

If you strive to become a successful blogger, these are the qualities you must have.

With these following qualities, anyone can become a successful blogger and make money from blogging

Let’s see what are they!

1: Willing to learn

Learning is the key to any business. Before starting any type of work, any kind of business you must know about it. If you don’t what your business is all about you won’t grow.

For example, If I told you about myself, before starting my dream blog Passive Blogger I would struggle day and night for around six months to learn how to blog.

I Didn’t even jump into Passive Blogger before I got knowledge about blogging. I’ve explored and made 2 blogs, one failed by the way, and another was successful.

And 2 years later I built Passive Blogger to learn more about blogging and now I teach people about blogging from my experiences.

However, learning and experimenting with things make you smart.

For example, What is your niche? What types of strategies have you used to get your blog noticed on the web? How do you organize and plan your content?

There are so many things you need to learn, for me I didn’t know how to write SEO friendly article, I couldn’t write more than 500 words in a day.

I was the worst blog writer but I learned and improved my content quality. Now I can easily write up to 1500 words of SEO-friendly articles.

The same things you should keep in mind, no matter what’s lacking you have, make sure to improve yourself daily.

2: Write

You might hear that “Content is the King “, but what type of content is the King?

All content is not king, quality content is king. So, quality content matters not quantity.

Quality writing is the very first thing that helps you to get success in blogging. 

If you are good at writing you can easily beat other competitors. If you are not good at blog writing, practice daily.

Also, get some knowledge about your niche, so that you can write well on your topics.

Make it a habit to write a minimum of more than 1000 words on a topic. Writing only on those topics in which you are an expert or interested. 

For example, you have a piece of knowledge of WordPress so you can write content in the WordPress niche.

On the other hand, If you are best at making food, you can publish recipes in your blog post.

And if you have no more skills in writing, you are slow in creating content so I recommend you to start from the beginning. 

3. Guest Posts

You can unleash your potential by writing guest posts for others. Now another question may be in your mind what is Guest Post?

Guest posting means writing and publishing content on someone else’s website or blog.

The first rule of being a good guest:

  • Link to the post from my blog
  • Promote it on Twitter (several times)
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Thank the person
  • Respond to comments, on the post

Benefits of Guest Posts:

The first benefit as I told you that guest postings will unleash your writing skills.

Now the question may be in mind that, Is there are any other benefits of doing Guest Posts?

Yes, of course, there are a lot of benefits;
  • When you are a beginner and start blogging, you need to create your backlinks. Guest post is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks.
  • You can bring traffic to your site/blog.
  • Create your audience.

There are also a lot of benefits to publishing a guest post.

4: Diversify Your Skills

Make your skills different from other people. Don’t copy the content of others. Try taking your own photos instead of using Creative Commons-licensed images.

Think why other blogs got succeeded? Because they use highly graphic images, quality content, and an attractive layout.

Try to be different from others.

5: Good Communicator

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to be good at communication. It is one of the best blogging tips I always give to new bloggers.

Some people think that the work of a blogger is all about writing articles but they are wrong. The work will start after publishing the post. 

If you have an audience, and you are a good communicator so definitely you can become a successful blogger. The main work starts after the completion of the article.

If you are a beginner, you need to promote it. And you need good communication skills for this. Improve your communication skills if you want to become a successful blogger.

6: Work Hard

You have to work hard day and night. Never feel sadness, always be happy with your work and with your passion. 

Always try to get something new. Tell people something interesting and attract them towards you.

Be active on social platforms, and answer all questions asked by people.

7: Build Your Audience

Hmm! Did you know that? Building your audience is more important than getting traffic. Don’t miss out on a single visitor, attract all to yourself.

Create your account on social platforms with the name of your brand. Create groups or pages on Facebook and a profile on Instagram and Twitter.

Add a subscription form to your blog to keep engaging with people. You can easily create this in WordPress with the help of ConvertPlus.

You can also promote your group, profile, or page on Instagram and Facebook to get more audience

8: To be Different

Dare to be different from others if someone wrote a post about a product then write an interview about it. 

If someone is using five images in his article you use more than five and also add audio, and if he or she adds audio then add a video about it.

Try to clear all points about that topic, write in detail and proper way.

9: Be Honest

Always be honest. Teach others only the truth, and share your experiences and mistakes with others.

Never tell a lie, and always give quality content to your audience. This will help you to be a successful blogger.

10: Never Make This Mistake

What do many bloggers do wrong? Many people start their blogs by seeing other bloggers, and they are generating so much revenue so why I can’t?

That’s very good, not wrong! But you have to wait at least half a year or maybe a year. 

You can’t become rich in one night or in a week, you must have to learn all things properly. 

If I told you about myself, I spent my half-year just learning and practicing blogging. Then I started my dream blog, Passive Blogger.


Once you have these qualities no one can stop you from starting blogging as a career.

These are the qualities you should have if you want to become a successful blogger. As I said earlier anyone can become a blogger if he has these qualities.

Read this detailed guide: How To Start A Blog In 2024 That Will Help You To Live Boss Free Life (Detailed Guide).

Is Blogging a Good Career in 2024?

Undoubtedly, blogging is a good profession for those who want boss free life. However, it is not as easy as you think, and the success rate is just 2% – 3%.

Most newbie bloggers think that blogging is some get-rich-quick scheme. But that’s not true, you need a lot of patience and hard work before you start generating any revenue.

But to be honest, a blog can be a profitable online business. On average for a blogger in the United States is around $25,869 per year.

It has lots of potential to earn income passively. That’s why nowadays people take blogging to be a full-time career.

But you can also take blogging part-time like me. As I’m a student and have lots of academic staff still I’m making a good income from blogging.

But interestingly blogging, can be a full-time career, and, with high chances, you can earn more income from the blog than your current salary.

The good news is that starting up a blog is risk-free and less investment. So if you want to start a blog I would be happy to interact with you.

Can I Make Money from Blogging 2024?

Only you start blogging as a career when you get some revenue from it.

Do many people think about how they can earn money from blogging to start blogging as a career?

Now in addition to this topic, let’s discuss some of it also!

Following are the ways in which you can easily convert your traffic to revenue.

1. Monetization with Google Adsense

You can monetize your blog with the help of Google Adsense. It is one of the best and safest platforms for blog monetization.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another popular source to get a lot of revenue from your blog.

You can easily earn money through your blog through referral links. Before you start affiliate marketing you have to join affiliate networks or programs to promote any product.

3. Selling E-books and Products

If you are running a successful blog, you can easily sell E-books and your products through your blog.

Once your book is written, you can design a cover using a tool like Canva and create a PDF of your ebook.

If you are a WordPress user, for digital downloads, I recommend Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. It’s relatively easy to use and includes all the features you need to create your online store.

FAQs about starting blogging as a Career?

How Much Money I Can Earn from My Blog?

Basically, it is up to you how you are interested in doing this. Many people leave blogging after a month because they do not get much more traffic and they also do not have much more interest in blogging. Keep doing work hard day and night and one day you will be a successful blogger.

Is it a Good Idea to Take Blogging as a Career?

Yes, it is good, but don’t think starting blogging as a career is starting. First, try it in your free work or part-time, and when you see that you can earn more than you are earning now so after that you can start Blogging as a Career.

Is it Advisable to Start Blogging in 2024?

Yes, you should have to start now. It’s hard, but not over.

How Many Chances Are There to Be Successful in Blogging as a Career?

As I said previously this is up to you. Your passions and interests will change you to be successful in blogging as a career.

What is the Best niche to Start Blogging as a Career and Earn a Passive Income for the Year 2024?

This is up to your interest in which niche you are interested. What topics you can easily teach other people.

I hope this article helped to give you an idea about Successful Blogger. If you like this article so subscribe to my newsletter and share it with your friends

Final Thought

I only want to say that,

“Find out what you like doing best”

Start only those works in which you have an interest and passion because if you only want money, you never succeed.

Start your first Blog and if you want to make money from it. All you need to make a little investment in your blog, don’t worry, blogging costs less than $100. Blogging is such a business you can start within $100.

To be honest, blogging has an infinity of opportunities. So, If you haven’t started yet, Start today!

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