Looking for the best laptop for blogging? Great! You’ve landed in the right place! But, before we talk about blogging laptops, Let’s know a little bit about blogging.

So, what is blogging? Well, Blogging is a way to communicate with an audience in written form. Typically, blogging works to inform, entertain, and educate people. 

The burning question is how much money blogging makes. The answer is “unlimited”. But you have to follow some procedures to make passive income from blogging.  

However, When you think about getting a venture in blogging you need some essential blogging equipment, and a laptop or desktop is one of them.

A laptop or Desktop is the first priority to manage a blogging task. Therefore, you need to choose the best blogging laptop to make you work smoothly. 

In this post, we have gathered the 10 best user-friendly laptops for blogging. 

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What Are The Best Laptop For Blogging in 2024?

After terrific research, we pick some good performer laptops, which make your blogging more advance and easy.

There have a variety of laptops on the market like normal laptops and blogging laptops. Both distinguish each other due to their configuration and performance. 

A normal laptop can’t do all the work that you need to do in blogging like sometimes you need photo editing. Usually, photo editing needs highly configured laptops.

Whereas, the Blogging laptop is all in all for any sort of work. You need to do several works in blogging that’s why when choosing a laptop consider a few factors. 

Don’t worry about choosing the best laptop, we will walk you through a comprehensive guide to buying the best laptop after checking the top 10 best laptops for blogging.

1. HP Pavilion (Currently Using)

The HP Pavilion x360 is our first pick and the best budget laptop for blogging, which has a 14 inches touchscreen display. With the aesthetic design, it offers good performance in extreme uses. 

As a blogger, you need to open lots of tabs in the browser. You will get smooth and swanky movement in any kind of work. It is upgraded to Windows 11. 

The vibrant 14 inches display and full HD with multitouch make your work convenient. And the robust battery can run up to 10 hours. And it also adds fast charging system.

When you use several apps together it will perform smoothly. The Intel corei5-1135G7 processor is able to perform efficiently.

It includes Intel Iris Xe graphics which help you to make any kind of graphic for blogging.

Memory and Storage are also important things for bloggers. HP Pavilion has 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD which is enough for blogging work as well as it makes your work faster. 

For videos and gaming, the speakers provide great sound. The Wi-Fi 6 AZ201 and Bluetooth are ready to remote work.

However, the ergonomic design and versatility add extra value to your blogging. The lightweight is also easy to portable, you can use it for a long time wherever you are. 

What I Like :

The suitable vibrant display resolution is fascinating and the size is also perfect for blogging.

The Ram and SSD ensure prompt performance while using lots of apps.

The eye-catching graphic is able to perform well in blogging graphics design.

And the battery life gives 10 hours of working time with a one-time charge.

What I Don’t Like:

The cooling fan creates noise sometimes that might be embarrassing for you. But it doesn’t create too much sound.

Doesn’t have fingerprint recognition. You can’t look and unlock it with your fingerprint.

2. Apple MacBook Pro (Best Overall)

If you think to buy a high-quality laptop for blogging then you can look at Apple MacBook Pro. It is a popular laptop in recent times.

Which comes with incredible features that make your blogging more advanced than ever. 

With Retina XDR larger screen gives dynamic range, over 1000 nits brightness for stunning HDR content. You will get great display performance while working. 

When you open many apps it will run smoothly. The superb M2 chip has 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores as well as up to 32GB of unified memory. Which are committed to giving swanky performances. 

A blogger needs to work a long time, and sometimes charging makes issues in important work.

The Apple MacBook Pro offers 22 hours of battery life which keep you worry-free for a long-time job. You can work from anywhere.

And then another crucial thing for bloggers is the keyboard. Usually, bloggers need to type a lot.

This laptop includes a magic keyboard that featured with touch id and is smoother for extreme typing. 

However, its excellent design and tremendous features let you work perfectly. You can use any kind of app like Abode, Microsoft 365, or Xcode smoothly. 

What I Like :

High-quality XDR Retina display gives dynamic range, featured with 1000 nits of brightness.

Includes efficient M2 chip with a 12‑core CPU and a 19‑core GPU for prompt performance. 

Incredible battery life for long-time work. Which is able to run 22 hours with a one-time charge

And the magic keyboard is fast at typing. It also featured a touch id that gives a safe way to unlock your MacBook.

What I Don’t Like:

Actually, we don’t like to use larger display laptops for portable work.

3. Apple MacBook Air 

The people who use Apple laptops can’t deny their smoother performance with lightweight.

Here, we talk about the Apple MacBook Air which is incredibly thinnest and lightweight and gives a super-fast performance in any work. 

With a 13-inch display look pretty much gorgeous. You feel a real image on display. The sharpness and colors are vibrant. 

And the powerful battery life promises to give above 17 hours of working time. You can do everything like video editing, photo editing, and even play games with ease. 

You might hear about the M1 powerful chip which delivers 3x faster prompt performance than the previous generation. With the tremendous performance, the weight is impressive. 

Blogging always needs to open lots of apps and new taps where the 8GB superfast memory gives a high-speed response. Even you can open ultra-quality graphics quickly. 

Finally, the compact size gives excellent performance and makes your blogging easy. You can do all the work with one device. The specially designed backlit keyboard is suitable for bloggers. 

What I Like :

The 13-inch display resolution gives realism image look. And the battery life makes your work worry-free from anywhere.

The powerful M1 chip and 8GB memory work smoothly while opening lots of apps. Even you can play games with high response.

Special features of the backlit keyword also help to type fast.

What I Don’t Like:

We think the display should be touchscreen. And it’s not able to fold back and flatten the rotation of the screen.

You need to use three fingers to take screenshots.

4. Dell XPS 

The Dell XPS 9510 is another best laptop for writers and bloggers, which comes with 15.6 inches high-resolution display. 

The wide range display is quite suitable for blogging. Due to the extended view of the display, you can easily monitor your blog. And when you work a long-time you don’t feel bothered. 

In addition, include 11 Generations of Intel Core i7 and 2.30 GHz processor. And the 24MB intel smart cache and turbo boost up to 4.60 GHz make it superb fast for any kind of work. 

It also includes Windows 11 Pro (64-bit) which is more user-friendly.  It is able to run apps smoothly, which is need to use for blogging.  And the  NVIDIA GeForce 4GB GDDR6 Dedicated Graphics Card makes graphic design easy.

Usually, bloggers need a larger space hard disk for lots of files and documents. The Dell XPS 9510 added a 1000GB hard disk which offers extended space for bloggers. 

With a pretty much nice design, its adds 3.2 generation type-c, an SD card reader, and Bluetooth 5.1. And the backlit keyboard is also quite good for fast typing.

The platinum silver exterior and black interior look good. A fingerprint reader makes it easy to lock and unlocks your device.

What I Like :

Good look and excellent performance for extreme work. You get a high-resolution display and a wide range of views.

The upgraded 11-generation Intel core i7 2.30 GHz processor gives prompt performance for any work.

With the GeForce 4GB graphics card, you can do any kind of graphic work for your blog. The backlit keyboard is also pretty good for bloggers.

What I Don’t Like:

The price of this laptop is a bit high compared to others. And it doesn’t include a touchscreen display.

Although the extended display is suitable for working. But who likes to use a portable laptop it is not suitable for them.

5. Acer Aspire 5

Whether you are new to blogging or want to get an affordable laptop for blogging, this one might meet your need. 

We talk about the Acer Aspire 5, which offers incredible features at less price. This laptop’s larger display and slim size are pretty much astonishing. 

The 15.6 full HD display with high resolution gives an extended view. As a blogger, you need to use a laptop for a variety of work. The Acer Aspire 5 supports all apps which are needed for blogging.  

It includes a 5th generation AMD Ryzen 5 5500u 2.1 GHz processor that gives you prompt performance. 

In addition, the high bandwidth 8RAM smoothly runs your photo editing software and other apps. Even you also can play games. Multiple programs and tabs opening doesn’t create any issues.

And a blogger needs lots of typing, the backlit keyboard makes your typing faster. The powerful battery also gives you up to 13 hours of working time. 

Finally, with a lightweight design and powerful battery, this laptop could make your blogging swanky. And the 512GB is capable to perform speedily. 

What I Like :

The slim size and lightweight are easy to use. Full HD display gives a tremendous view. 

Besides, the powerful battery life is also preferable for blogging. And the 512GB SSD makes it faster in any sort of work.

The RAM gives infinite space for multiple apps, you can open lots of tabs together. And we also like the backlit keyboard. 

What I Don’t Like:

The body is made of high-quality plastic. But with the less price, it is quite good.

And we don’t like low-volume speakers but if you want low-volume speakers, it can be good for you.

6. ASUS VivoBook

This is another favorite laptop in terms of price. The style and eye-catching look can add extra value to your blogging. Whether you want to get a venture or start blogging you should consider your budget for a laptop. 

The ASUS VivoBook S15 comes with an aesthetic design and great specs. 15.6-inch full HD display with a ratio that gives super smooth views. 

Upgraded 11th generation Intel core i5 processor with 2.4GHz speed makes your work smooth. But if you want to use some video editing software then it doesn’t give a good performance. 

Usually, starting bloggers don’t need high-quality laptops for their work. The ASUS VivoBook S15 includes 8GB DDR4 RAM which is enough for swanky performance. 

You can easily open multiple taps and apps for your blogging work. And the 512GB SSD makes your laptop faster for extreme use. 

With a good-looking design, it adds a backlit keyboard. It also adds a fingerprint sensor to unlock your laptop.

However, this laptop is good for an initiative blogger who is just starting their blog. The price is affordable with prompt performance. 

What I Like :

The premium design and smoother performance at less price. And the full HD nanoEdge bezel display makes it more attractive. The stunning 86% screen-to-body-ratio.

Intel Iris Xe Graphics also helps you to do little graphic work. The 8GB RAM able to runs multiple apps and tabs together. And we also like the thin and lightweight body. 

What I Don’t Like:

We don’t like the battery backup; it gives 6-8 hours of working time backup.

7. ASUS ZenBook 

If you think to buy an affordable, stylish, and swanky performer laptop, the ASUS ZenBook 13 will impress you. 

It comes with 13.3 inches 400nits full HD display giving you an aesthetic view. The nanoEdge bezel display also makes it good-looking. And the display view is suitable for blogging work.  

For traveling and portable use you can carry it anywhere. The ultra-slim and lightweight give extra ease. 

And the Intel core i7 processor with 2.8GHz gives smoother performance for busy uses. You can use it for a variety of blogging work like photo editing and graphic design and etc. 

It also adds Intel Iris plus graphics card. The high-quality 16GB RAM gives incredible smoothness in performance. A blogger needs to open multiple tabs and apps, all are run easily. 

The 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD also makes it faster and smoother. You don’t need to wait for opening any software or app. It will give you results within a few seconds. 

In addition, it includes an IR camera for facial recognition which help you to unlock your laptop easily. 

And the backlit keyboard is also robust for extreme typing. You will get a smoother performance for any sort of work. 

However, with its ergonomic design, adds USB-C, strong Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a micro SD card reader. And this laptop includes an interesting feature for noise-canceling, which help to avoid noise for better communication. 

What I Like :

Pretty much a stylish design and versatile features at an affordable price.

13.3 inches nano-edge bezel display with high resolution gives smoother views.

Ultra-quality 16GB RAM gives a swanky performance with multiple apps and tabs.

The IR camera for face recognization. And the keyboard is also smoother enough for heavy uses.

What I Don’t Like:

The high-quality plastic construction could be better. 

And the battery life is 6 hours. It should be developed. 

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Let’s talk about a Microsoft product that gives a standard performance. The Microsoft Surface Pro X is another best laptop for bloggers. 

It has 13 inches aesthetic design and excellent performance that superb for any sort of work. The compact size and lightweight are also easy to portable. 

You can carry it anywhere and do your blogging work. It gives prompt performance while using multiple apps and tabs. 

The 8GB RAM ensures smoother performance. You can run photo editing software for your blog. 

And the display resolution is tremendous. You will get a sharp view always.  

In addition, with a premium look, this laptop can be used as a tablet, you can use it portably from anywhere. 

If you are a travel blogger then it would be great for you. The Microsoft Surface Pro X helps you maintain everything in your blog. And you can write your blog while traveling. 

What I Like :

Small display and is lightweight with an impressive design. It can be turned into a tablet.

The powerful 8GB RAM is able to run multiple apps and tabs easily. And you will get quick performance for blogging work. 

And it is also easy to travel anywhere you can use it while traveling. It will give a tremendous battery life of up to 15 hours with a one-time charge. 

What I Don’t Like:

This device is not suitable for extreme use. And operating a little bit hard for new users. 

9. Lenovo ThinkPad 

The Lenovo ThinkPad is another high-performer laptop for blogging that offers outstanding performance. High-end construction made it strong and suitable for extreme. 

This laptop gives incredible battery life which is quite good for blogging. It will give up to 19.5 hours of working backup time. And it also includes a fast-charging system. 

The pretty much good display gives a perfect view. It includes a 14-inch high-resolution display, which is suitable for any use. This one is perfect for portable and traveling anywhere. 

With a core i7 CPU, it adds 1000GB Hard disk and 16GB powerful RAM which makes it faster for any work. You will do photo editing and video editing even you can play games smoothly. 

And it also adds an HD 720p webcam and fingerprint reader. The backlit spill-resistant keyboard is superb for typing fast.  

It also includes 2x USB-C 3.2 and an intel thunderbolt 3 port. And the HDMI 1.4 network extension and headphone/mic combo port. 

What I Like :

Its amazing performance and excellent design are easy to use.

With perfect display size, you can carry it anywhere, and the high-quality battery is able to perform 19,5 hours with a one-time charge.  

The 16 RAM makes it smoother for any work, and it can easily run multiple apps. You will get a quick performance even while opening lots of tabs. 

It adds a fast charging system, it charges 80% in only 1 hour. 

What I Don’t Like:

While using extreme it would get too much heat. And the internet disconnect sometimes.  

10. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is the last best laptop for blogging on our list. It’s another high-performance blogging laptop that offers excellent features at less price. 

This one is the less-expensive laptop on our list. But its performance is outstanding. The 14-inches display and lightweight are convenient to use. 

It has AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor. The 8GB DDR4 RAM and SSD make it faster enough. You will get quick performance while doing multiple works. 

And it also includes AMD Radeon 7 Graphics. The nano edge bezel displays and you will get a wider viewing angle. It provides high-resolution with thousand of colors. 

It also added a cooler with intelligent thermals. And the privacy shutter protects your webcam lens. WiFi 6  and Bluetooth 5.0conncectivity USB-C and USB with HDMI ports. 

And you can use Alexa on your PC, you will just ask Alexa to check your calendar, create lists, play music answer questions read the news, and so on. 

What I Like :

The narrow bezel 14″ display is suitable for any kind of work. It gives a smoother performance in heavy use. 

The 8GB RAM and 256SSD are able to perform smoothly while using multiple apps and tabs. 

The price is relatively less and offers amazing specs. 

What I Don’t Like:

We don’t like charging backup, it gives up to 4 hours of backup. And doesn’t includes a backlit keyboard. 

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How Do I Choose The Right Laptop for Blogging?

To get a professional laptop for blogging you have to take into account a few things. Here have some factors that help you to become a master in buying professional blogging laptops. 

1. Pick Your Operating System

When thinking to buy a laptop first you need to select an operating system (OS). Because without a good operating system, your hardware is worthless. 

So, think about what sort of work you will do on your computer. And how you are comfortable and familiar with it. Although as a blogger you need to use several types of apps, those are doesn’t need a highly configure PC.

Bear in mind what kind of software you are going to use. And look for an OS that is familiar to your co-workers. And also consider the security of your operating system. 

2. Know Your CPUs

CPU is the soul of your computer, there have different types of CPU cores i3, i5, i7, and i9. But it depends on your budget and works. 

For blogging, you can choose core i5 or i7 both are suitable for blogging.  

3. Graphics Cards

A graphics card is also an important portion of a computer. It helps to see all information on the computer. 

A basic dedicated graphics card is enough for a blogging job, if you want to get a powerful graphics card then get ready to spend some extra bucks.  

Sometimes, if you do some graphic design and like to play video games then you need a powerful graphics card. 

4. Pick Your Processor

Usually, an i7 processor is more powerful than a core i5.  But an i5 is enough for blogging. You need to check processor speed, 2.3GHz to above is suitable for blogging.

It will help to run apps smoothly and you get quick performance for any work.  

5. How Much RAM?

RAM gives space for running applications. A powerful 8GB RAM will ensure swanky performance while using multiple apps and tabs. 

And if you think to use a high-quality video & photo editor and play games sometimes, then 16GB RAM is suitable for you.

6. How Much Storage Space?

Bloggers also need lots of space to archive their files. Initially, a 1000GB hard disk is enough. But, if you have a budget you can choose the above 1TB.

As well as you need a 256GB or 512 SSD for your laptop, it will make your laptop faster and smoother. 

7. Check Your Ports!

While buying a laptop for blogging you also have to check the ports. Some laptops add USB ports and some add C-type ports.

You need to check if it includes an audio jack port, internet port, microSD card reader, and HDMI port. And also check if it adds a Thunderbolt port.

8. Webcam and Other Worries

Usually, most laptops have a webcam, and still, some laptops don’t have one. It’s compulsory that your laptop has a webcam, while you communicate visually with another person it will help you. 

And try to get 720p or above for sharp videos. And also consider your laptop’s weight, keyboard, and display.  A lightweight laptop is comfortable to carry anywhere.

9. Make Your Choice

After considering some factors you have to narrow down the list and read reviews. And look at the keyboard, display, and other hinges. 

It doesn’t too intricate to get the best laptop for blogging. You just need to envisage some things depending on your purpose. 

10. Know Your Budget

The most crucial thing is the budget. How much money do you want to spend on blogging, at the initial you can choose a laptop for under 1000$. 

There are plenty of laptops that offer prompt performance at less price. 

But if you want to get a MacBook then you have to spend 2000$ above. Apple also offers some laptops under 2000$. 

The main thing is that you have to choose one according to your work criteria.

FAQ; Laptop for blogging!

How much RAM do I need for blogging?

It depends on your blogging tasks. If you’re only writing, blogging, and performing other tasks then 8GB RAM is usually enough to get by.

However, if your blogging includes content writing and image or video editing, then it is worth choosing a minimum of 16GB RAM for your laptop.

Do I need a laptop to start a blog?

I think Yes! You need a laptop or desktop to start and run a blog more professionally.

If you want to make your blogging business to the next level you need a laptop. Because there are many blogging tasks you can’t do without a computer such as blog design, content design, and so on.

Can I blog with my phone?

Yes, You can blog with a phone. I mean you can do some blogging tasks with a phone such as handling social media, replying to blog comments, updating your blog, and so on.

But if you want to do all your blogging tasks with a phone, it is hard to do everything. However, having both a laptop and a phone is essential for blogging.

In a nutshell, you can’t start and run a blog with a phone if you want to do blogging professionally.

Over To You!

Alright, guys, that concludes our guide to the good laptop for blogging. Among them, you can pick the one that is suitable for your blogging work.

As you can imagine, If you are a blogger you will know how much time you should spend on your laptop. For example; writing a post, editing a post, editing photos, creating links, doing social media, and so on.

There are many other tasks that come with running a blog. Which means you invest a lot of time in your blog.

So it is well worth investing in one of the best laptops for blogging to make your blogging life a little bit easier.

Our overall top blogging laptop pick is the HP Pavilion x360 (affordable) and Apple MacBook Pro (Professional).

Both look stunning, weigh almost nothing, are great to type on, have super-fast performance, and have amazing battery life.

Basically, They are both ideal laptops for every blogger.

Which are your favorite Laptops for blogging?

Is there any blogging laptop you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please share your thoughts in the comments below?

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