Finding the most profitable blog niches is one of the essential things to make any blog successful.

There are so many niche sites that make thousands of dollars or even more per month from blogging.

So if you want to start a successful blog but you’re not sure what to blog about? You’ve come to the right place.

Regardless of this, you can blog about anything, no matter how much experience you have.

But if you want to be successful in blogging, you need to choose the right blog niche.

While these points are somewhat true, the most important thing is choosing a profitable niche can be hard and confusing.

Don’t worry! I’m here for you!

To make this clear in choosing a blog niche, this guide will help you to end up with a profitable niche to start your very first blog.

Because we revealed the 15 most profitable blog niches that make money in 2024!

So, without further a do! Let’s drive in!

What is a Blog Niche?

A Blog Niche is a specialized topic area that you’ll be focusing on when writing content on your blog. In simple words, a blog niche is nothing but a category of your blog.

The more simple way to think of a blog niche is:

  • What is your blog topic?
  • What is your blog about?

Let’s say, Digital Marketing, Fashion, Dog, Fitness, etc, all are examples of blog niches and you’re free to choose one according to your choice.  

Basically, A blogger makes their blogs after choosing a niche.

let’s drive more into the details; about the niche market. 

What is Niche Market (ideas)?

A niche market (niche idea) is a segment of a larger market or industry. For example; Photography is an industry, but, Fashion, Sports, and Architectural, all are segments of the industry. 

In simple words, The niche market is small and low competition than the main industry. A niche market also called a sub-market (niche) which has high potential. 

However, choosing profitable blogging niches can be overwhelming, But not FOR you.

Because we REVEALED a list of the 15 most profitable blog niches that pretty much anyone can start their blog today and make good money! 

So keep reading all till the end, trust me you will never ever get in the wrong niche.

Why Do You Need a Blog Niche?

Without selecting a blog niche something like jumping from a plane without parashot. So, here are the reasons why you should select a niche before starting a blog. 

1)  Attract the Targeted Audience:

A  target blog audience is a group of ideal people as likely readers or customers of your blog. When you have the right blog niche you will know who is your ideal audience. 

It helps you easily target the minimum audience back to your blog. You can build a list of loyal audiences based on your blog and the niche you are working on. 

2) Attracts Quality Advertisers

When you are blogging in a particular niche, you will have a specific group of audience. And they are looking for specific information in a specific niche. 

Now here is the deal. As you’re in a specific niche and have a specific audience, advertisers are ready to pay you for their product or service to sell it in your blog. 

So, having a niche blog has better chances of buyers visiting the blog than a blog that caters to multiple niche topics.

3) Better SEO performance

Search engines like Google love niche sites. Because when you are working on a specific niche, it will consider you an expert in the niche.  

When search engines understand you’re an expert it considerably improves your search ranking. 

Technically you get better SEO performance on your blog. Search engines will know, As you provide specific information in a niche, it has relevance to the search users.  

So, having a specific niche will go as a positive point in your favor.

4) Motivates You to Keep Writing

Having the right niche will help to write consistently. Because you will know who is your audience and what to write for. That matters when you select the right niche for your blog. 

So, these are the benefits you will get if you have chosen the right blogging niche for your blog. 

Now the question maybe you’re thinking? 

How do you find profitable blogging niches? Don’t worry! I’m here for you, follow the three steps below to find a profitable niche for your blog.

3 Tips to Pick a Profitable Blog Niches

Here are a few tips that might help you to find profitable blog niches that will make you more money!

1. Topic You Enjoy

Use your past experience,  current interest, hobbies and learnings, and your life achievement as a base to choose a niche.

For example, if you love traveling, you can think about starting a travel blog. Or If you have already become financially free, you can start a finance blog.

Create a list of subjects you’re passionate about and then start analyzing. 

This will definitely ensure you that the niche you will pick is not only something you enjoy but also profitable in the longer run.

Always remember: One learns better by teaching!

3. Do Market Research

Once you’ve got the niche in mind you need to find out the niche’s relevancy in the future.

Also, make sure that the niche has a big enough market for your topic and is profitable as well. This thing you can do with small market research.

Here’s how you can get started!

For example, let’s say that weight loss is one of your favorite hobbies, and you want to start a blog about it.

Now, you have to see if this blog topic has enough audience and see how much competition it has had over the years.

Simply start with Google Trends, Just type “weight loss” to see if this has any interest and how many people are searching for it.

Keep in mind, this step is really important because this graph will show you whether the topic is stable, rising, or declining over time.

Note: Avoid such blog topics that are declining.

As you can see, Weight Loss looks like a good topic to start a blog about. Over the last 5 years, the topic’s interest has been stable, and it’s continuing to rise.

That’s fair enough to guess that you’ll have enough audience to drive traffic to your blog even for upcoming years.

5. Monetization Opportunity

Before you start a blog, you must check out how you can make money from your blog. After all, this is the main reason I start a blog.

For that, you should make sure that your blogging niche is profitable enough to monetize and make a good income.

Here are two ways you can check your niche monetization opportunity:

Step 1: Check your niche profitability:

One of the easiest ways to figure out this is if any brands or businesses are advertising for the keywords of your topic.

If people are spending money on advertising on specific keywords related to your niche, then you’ve picked the right topic.

Step 2: Monetization methods

Analyzing similar blogs in your niche and checking out how they are making money from their blog is a good way to figure out monetization methods.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Is Your Competitor using only contextual ad networks like AdSense or Ezoic to monetize?
  • Is Your Competitor running any direct ads? If yes, which all brands?
  • Are Your Competitors using affiliate links on the blog?
  • Is Your Competitor selling any products (Courses, eBooks, Merchandising)?

Note: Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and selling products are good ways to monetize a blog. 

Now it’s your turn to find out the best blogging niche among the 15 best profitable niches below!

15 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make the Most Money (in 2024)

There are tens of thousands of possible blog niches you could target. But the reality is that some are worth more than others.

And what most first-time bloggers don’t realize is that roughly the same amount of effort is required to target a niche that can generate $10,000 per month as one that might only earn you $1,000 per month instead.

Basically, an extra 10% – 20% in effort and expenditure could be the difference between part-time and life-changing income.

So let’s take a look at which broad topics along with sub-niche which you can work for to make your blog more profitable.

1. Personal Finance

The average adult now carries around $30,000 in unsecured debt i.e. credit cards, plus personal and auto loans. 

This type of debt is multi-generational in that it spans Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers, etc. 

So that means there’s a massive potential audience of people who are looking to find products or services to help them get out of debt.

How potential Personal finance blog niches?

If you’re starting a personal finance blog, it could be a profitable blog niche with low competition.

For example; if you monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing, then the commission rates are huge.

On average personal finance products tend to be in the range of $50 – $150 per lead.

So you can imagine that. That’s why a successful personal finance blogger can expect to earn at least mid-5 figures per year.

For example, my good friend Nikola Roza makes 5 figures per year just from his “best gold investment companies” article.

Personal Finance Sub Niches:
  1. Budgeting
  2. Building Wealth
  3. College Fund
  4. Debt
  5. Family and Money
  6. Insurance
  7. Investing
  8. Money Management
  9. Real Estate
  10. Retirement
  11. Saving Money
  12. Taxes
  13. Credit Cards

These are the most potential personal finance blog niches you can start your blog about.

2. Cryptocurrencies

The last recession and previous economic downturns created the perfect stage for a new type of currency to emerge.

And in 2008 exactly that happened with the launch of Bitcoin thanks to the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Since then cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. And most recently with the hype around Dogecoin and other popular Altcoins.

At the time of writing, cryptos have stabilized, with no major upward or downward activity but with a steady stream of new investors. 

(It’s worth mentioning that market experts predict the next Bull crypto rush will start somewhere around the end of 2024.)

So you have still time to become active in promoting the cryptocurrency niche. Some of the Crypto niches you can work for.

CryptoCurrency Sub Niche:
  1. Crypto News Blogs
  2. Crypto Gaming 
  3. BlockChain Blogs 
  4. NFT 
  5. Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency
  6. Blockchain Development
  7. Crypto Real-estate
  8. Crypto Listing
  9. Crypto Exchanges
  10. Crypto Media
  11. Crypto Trading

However, These are the most profitable crypto blog niche, with any of these you can start your crypto blog. It has a good potential niche in the long run.

3. Fitness

Fitness is one of the best niches to start a lifestyle blog and make good money out of it.

You might be shocked to know that the global fitness industry is worth around $91 billion and forecasting in 2030 it will be approximately 169 billion.

On average  $23 billion of that was spent in 2021 in North America alone.

So, you have proof that people already spend a lot of money in this niche. Now you can assume that it has the potential to make money blogging.

There are also even, tons of affiliate programs with recurring commissions, which means you sell once and get paid for how long they use the product.

However,  Fitness is a broad niche, it’s literally hard to compete, so you need to work on sub niches.

Now it’s a question of what sub-niche you choose because fitness itself is just too broad to tackle with one site.

Don’t worry! here are some of the fitness niches you can work for such as;

Fitness Sub Niches:
  1. Fitness trainer certification
  2. Fitness equipment
  3. Clothing
  4. Home gym equipment
  5. Suspension trainers
  6. Fitness supplements

These are a few examples of the different sub-niches within fitness.

4. Fashion

The first thing you need to know about the fashion niche is that it’s evergreen – people like to dress well even during times of war and economic turmoil.

Clothing is also a basic human need. So blogs in this niche can expect consistent earnings with seasonal spikes in sales because nobody wants to walk around naked.

Again, this is a very broad topic so a site focused around a sub-niche will typically perform better both in terms of rankings and revenue.

For example, You could set up a fashion blog on clothing, clothing made from recycled and sustainable materials, retro and vintage fashion, plus-sized clothing, and so on. 

Just pay attention to the commission rate on the offer before you sign up for an affiliate program.

Some fashion affiliate programs pay 20%+ per sale, but there are plenty of others where you’ll earn just a 1% commission on all referred sales.

Remember, it requires the same amount of effort to promote an affiliate program that pays you 1% as it does to promote one that pays you 10%+.

That’s an easy way to 10x your site’s income without any increase in traffic.

Fashion sub niches:
  • Designer Shoes
  • Men or Women wear
  • Luxury Design
  • DIY Fashion
  • Seasonal Fashion
  • Fashion Technology
  • Minimalist Fashion
  • Sports Fashion
  • Fashion Product Reviews

However, fashion is one of the most profitable lifestyle blogging niches that you can work for.

5. Weight loss

This is quite possibly one of the most lucrative blog niches you can choose, but it’s also one of the most competitive.

The Western world is in the middle of an obesity epidemic with almost 1/3 of the entire population of the United States now classed as obese.

But the vast majority of overweight people don’t enjoy being fat. So, this is your ideal audience who are hearing about how the information on your blog can help them drop those unwanted pounds.

Note that: There is a small overlap between the fitness and weight loss niches. Because the act of getting fit invariably means you lose weight but don’t let that stop you.

If you want to start a blog around weight loss you could focus on aspects like Keto and other forms of alternative eating, meal, supplements, etc.

If you monetize your weight loss blog with affiliate marketing, commission rates in this niche vary from $10 per lead to $50+ per sale.

So What Weight loss niche do you need to work for?

Weight loss Sub Niches:
  1. Calorie Specific Diets.
  2. Keto Diets
  3. Supplements and Pills.
  4. Low-Carb Diets.
  5. Weight loss (Men & women).
  6. Pregnancy Weight Loss.

These are the Weight loss sub niche you can work for your blog. But this Niche has much competition, so I recommend you start a single niche blog when you get an audience you can scale up.

6. Beauty

Human vanity is nothing new, illustrated by the fact that humans have worn some form of cosmetics for thousands of years.

So that makes this another evergreen niche – any market that has lasted for several millennia is likely to be around for at least the rest of your life.

In terms of the beauty niche you could take any of some paths with your blog:

Beauty Sub Niche:
  • Bodycare
  • Beauty Tips
  • Hair Care
  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Acne
  • Artisan soaps
  • Perfumes
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics

There are other perks to starting a beauty blog, like getting free samples to promote a brand.

Or maybe even become a brand “ambassador” if you can drive enough traffic to certain affiliate offers.

And there’s also the fact that beauty products don’t last forever, so they need to be purchased over and over again.

However, So there’s potential in the beauty niche for real long-term profits.

7. Relationship

Humans are tribal creatures – we’re not designed to exist in isolation. That’s why prisoners are kept in solitary confinement as punishment.

It’s part of human nature to form a relationship with another human and have offspring.

That probably sounds very mechanical, but it’s the truth. But there’s a problem. And, I’ll use a movie quote to highlight it;

“We shop at home, we surf the Web, and at the same time we feel emptier, lonelier, and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history…”

Simply put, most adults experience real problems when trying to find a date, never mind an actual relationship.

Here are some Relationship blog niches you can start a blog with within 2024.

Relationship Sub Niches:
  • Love
  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Break Up
  • Divorce

So if you truly believe you can help people find love or even just companionship, then this might be a great niche for you.

Also, some dating sites pay up to $75 for every new customer you refer to them.

8. Entrepreneurship

The Internet leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs. Now anyone with a good idea and a computer could start an online business – you didn’t need staff or a physical store.

There was no need for bank loans or investors. The Internet makes things easy, and that’s why more and more people want to start their own businesses and pursue entrepreneurship

This is exactly why there have been “Make money online” courses for as long as there’s been a public Internet.

It’s an extremely lucrative niche –  that creates new millionaires on a daily basis. That also means it’s extremely competitive.

So any new blogger who wants to tap into the niche will need to play a long game.

But if you can gain traction with your own audience, commission rates of $500 per lead are not unheard of.

You might notice that many courses on this niche retail for between $997 and $2997. 

So if you sell these courses the creators of these courses are happy to pay you a few hundred dollars for each new customer you send their way.

Though it’s a broad niche and highly competitive you need to focus on sub-niche.

Entrepreneurship Sub Niches:
  • Side hustle
  • Freelancing
  • Online business (POD, dropshipping, eCommerce, content creator, social influencer)
  • Making money online (writing, blogging, publishing, vlogging, affiliate marketing)

These are some of the niches you can work for. But I recommend picking a more narrow niche something like eCommerce. Also

Warning! If you want to start a blog in this niche, I recommend you make a long-term plan for your blog. Because it can take a longer time to build a successful blog.

9. Small Business Marketing

Due to Covid19, a whole lot of local and small businesses had either shut down their business or have gone online to retain and attract new customers.

For Example; Whether you already have a local business or you’re in the process of launching a new business, having an online presence is essential for your business. 

Most people prefer to do shopping or anything online rather than offline. When online things matter, Small Business Marketing comes into play. 

Small Business Marketing Sub Niches:
  • SEO
  • Ads/SEM
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Undoubtedly Small Business Marketing is the most profitable blog niche but highly competitive. 

Note: If you planning to start your blog in this niche, keep in mind that it takes much time to grow and make money.

10. Writing

The demand for writing has always been growing up. Even today, Businesses are now more dependent on writing for their content marketing.

With the flow of the internet, they found huge benefits to hiring freelance writers from anywhere for their content marketing. Also, it comes with low cost and convenience for their online marketing.

Now you can assume that it has high potential. So if you already have any writing skills you can teach people via your blog.

This niche has endless opportunities to make money from a blog including affiliate marketing, digital assets, and more.  

Also, You’ll get more targeted audiences for your blog, because writing is one of the best high-income skills people want to learn and spend money on it. 

So, If you enjoy writing, it could be the best niche for your blog. It is also a good niche for introverted persons.  However, there are some writing niches you can work for;

Writing Sub Niche:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Self Publishing
  • Freelance writer
  • Email Writing.
  • Video Script Writing.

These are some of the best writing niches you can start your blog in 2024.  

11. Online Education

Online education has also seen a real boom in popularity since 2020 and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

According to Fnfresearch, In 2019 the e-learning market’s value was $144 billion. By 2026, it’s estimated to reach a staggering $374 billion.  

Now you can guess that online education is another profitable niche for blogging you can start with.

But that’s often overlooked by affiliates who are looking to make big money.

What they don’t know is that online education actually has a CPC value second only to insurance. A typical online education company will pay $12 per click for a new lead.

That’s why affiliate programs in this niche are willing to pay up to $100 for each new student you refer.

You have quite a bit of variety to work within the online education niche. Because you could choose to promote many products such as language training programs, or even exam prep products such as for the SAT.

There’s even a sub-niche for selling exact prep guides for medical students and attorneys studying for their relevant exams.

Education Sub Niche:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Presentation Hacks
  3. Learning Apps
  4. Online learning
  5. Online learning platforms
  6. Adult education
  7. Virtual degree programs
  8. Education gadgets
  9. Computer packages
  10. Lesson plans

These are some of the blog niches, You can take advantage of the demand for online education and launch an online business.

12. Insurance

Now here’s a niche that you’re not going to find mentioned in any other roundup of profitable niches to build a site around.

Even though it’s quite possibly the single most profitable blog topic out there. Yes, it’s more valuable than the CBD, VPN, law, or Entrepreneurship Niche.

Insurance advertisers are willing to pay $15 – $60 per click with PPC ads to generate a single new lead for their business. 

And they do that because they know that the lifetime value of each customer is going to be 100x that.

One smart way to tap into this niche is to start a content blog on a sub-niche of insurance. And then monetize it with display ads from AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, or Ad Thrive.

So, Your content will, yet, need to be authoritative and well-written to have any chance of converting visitors into clicks. 

Or you could choose to use affiliate marketing offers instead, where you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $30 per sale. 

However, there are some Insurance Sub niches you can work for.

Insurannce Sub Niches:
  1. Pet Insurance.
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Health Insurance.
  4. Motor Insurance.
  5. Home Insurance.
  6. Farm Insurance
  7. Personal items insurance

These are interesting and growing sub-niches within insurance. So pick one and start your insurance blog today!

13. Privacy/safety

After you’ve taken care of having enough food to eat your next primitive motivation is to find safety and shelter at night.

Our need for safety and privacy is hard-wired into us – it’s not something we can ignore.

But what aspects of this human need can translate into a topic for a blog?

Well, if you start with the idea of physical safety then a popular and profitable sub-niche is home security systems. 

Or if you look at the need for digital or online safety and security, you could promote VPN services, or even anti-virus software and more. 

And finally, if we look at the need for being able to protect your own life and the life of your family, that leads us to sub-blog-niches like martial arts training, and home defense weapons.

Privacy/safety Sub Niches:

  • Home security
  • Life Security
  • Online Security
  • Security Product reviews

This niche is pretty relevant to our daily life and this is a niche with definite 6-figure per year income potential.

14. Parenting

385,000 babies are born every single day. That’s 385,000 sets of parents who will need all the help they can get to cope with their new bundle of joy.

So, If you look at this from a problem-resolution point of view, new parents are willing to do anything to keep their kids safe, healthy, and happy.

So not only will this niche pretty much always have demand for products and services but useful information and advice also have a real value attached to it.

That’s why this industry is worth $88 billion in North America alone. And while this particular niche tends to be dominated by “Mommy Bloggers” there are plenty of scopes for Daddy bloggers to publish content too.

But there are tons of other sub-niches you could publish a blog around:

Parenting sub-niches:
  1. Single Parenting
  2. Kids crafts
  3. Raising teens
  4. Discipline
  5. Working mom/dad life
  6. Reviewing kids’ toys
  7. Nerdy clothes for toddlers
  8. Advice for new parents
  9. Child proofing your home
  10. Busy mom/dad hacks and productivity ideas

These are some of the parenting niches you can work for. Parenting is such a profitable niche that will never go out of style,  as you know parents will exist as long as humans do.

15. Spirituality

This is another broad niche that you won’t find many affiliate marketing blogs talking about.

Some of that is because they only ever repurpose their competitor’s content. But there’s also the possibility that they don’t want hundreds of new bloggers competing with them.

Spirituality falls under the category of “self-actualization” in Maslow’s Hierarchy – the very top of the pyramid in terms of self-improvement.

So even though you might not have any interest in the subject, the need for spiritual fulfillment is a driving force for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

It’s also worth pointing out that when I say “spirituality” I’m not referring to formal religions.

This niche covers everything from yoga and meditation to tarot cards, crystals, and psychic readings.

The concepts of universal ordering and the Law of attraction also fall under spirituality.

So, for those of you who don’t know, there’s a potential fortune to be made here.

Although there’s also a surprisingly profitable sub-niche in different types of prayers for different occasions and needs. 

Spirituality Sub Niches:
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Online life coach
  • Spiritual Gift Shop
  • Organic Farming
  • Holistic Health Care

However, the Spirituality niche is endless, so, pick a single sub-niche if you want to get better results in this niche.

How to Start a Niche Blog in 2024

I Hope, our handpicked blog niche ideas might already help you to pick the right one.

If you’ve already chosen your blog niche, it’s time to build a home for all the content you’ll be writing about.

Here is a quick step you should follow:

If you don’t know much about setting up a website, here’s the guide on how to start a niche blog:

Step 1: Get a Domain Name:

A domain name or blog name is your online address just like ( 

So, pick a great blog name that is memorable, short, and easy to identify. Get your blog name from Namecheap it will cost you as low as $7.99 per year.

Step 2: Get Reliable Blog Hosting:

Blog hosting ensures your website’s availability on the internet. Good hosting helps you to rank faster but bad hosting hurts your blog revenue.

So, to get reliable blog hosting, you can choose either Bluehost or Hostinger both are affordable and reliable. 

Step 3: Choose a Blogging Platform:

No doubt WordPress #1 blogging platform for free. WordPress is beginner-friendly and easy to handle. 

Without having tech knowledge you can use this platform smoothly.

Step 4: Choose a Blogging Template:

Once you install WordPress, the next step is to add a blog theme. Pick a nice-looking template that reflects the characteristics of your blog niche.

Make sure it also matches your tone and style. Feel free to check out these blog themes for inspiration.

Step 5: Learn Blog Marketing:

Once you publish your blog live, start producing quality content. Also, blog regularly on a frequency basis which helps you to build your authority and rank on search engines. 

Once you produce up to 15 pieces of content, focus on blog marketing. Start promoting your blog to get your word out and reach a wider audience.

Step 6: Make Money Blogging:

Technically, It’s the main thing every blogger has a wish for before starting a blog. 

It is DAMN right, you can make tons of money from blogging, but you have to stay focused.

Blogging is not just writing, it’s business, and people make $1000- 10000 a month. 

So, be patient, follow your heart, and constantly work on your blog, no doubt, you make money sooner or later.

It is pretty simple to start your blog, isn’t it? 

Still, not clear, check our step-by-step beginner guide on How to start a blog from scratch.

Wrap It Up

I hope you found a few helpful niche ideas and inspiration from the list of profitable blog niches.

Most profitable blogging niches:
  • Personal Finance
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Weight loss
  • Beauty
  • Relationship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Writing
  • Online Education
  • Insurance
  • Privacy/safety
  • Parenting
  • Spirituality

At this point, to begin with, get the niche among 15 profitable niche ideas also check out the sub-niches I mentioned.

It might fascinate you and ensure that you can monetize your blog.

Remember, do not start a blog until you work out which blog niche is profitable and interesting to you.

The Next Steps!

Once you’ve got the right blogging niche in mind it’s time to start your blog!

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If you enjoyed this article on blog niche ideas or have any questions regarding this, please leave them in the comments section below!

We’d love to hear from you!

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