A lifestyle business is becoming more and more common among individuals and blogging is one of them. I assumed that you have already started your lifestyle blog, Now you might think about “how to monetize a lifestyle blog”.

Don’t panic! If you have a lifestyle blog or planning to start one, you’re probably looking to monetize it and make money at some point. 

In this article, you will learn how lifestyle bloggers make money and I list down the 6 proven tips for growing and monetizing a lifestyle blog!

Want to make money with a lifestyle blog?

Let’s drive in!

3 Tips to Follow Before You Know How to Monetize a Lifestyle Blog?

1. Be Authentic

Without authenticity, you never earn a single penny from blogging. If you look at some of the successful lifestyle bloggers, you’ll quickly realize how authentic they are.

They offer authentic insight to their readers. They are always open and honest with their audience. This is the only main skill to stand out in the lifestyle blogging market. 

So, Build trust by putting yourself and your life at the forefront, sharing your lessons and life experiences that are authentic. 

2. Focus on Your Readers

Before you step into the market, make sure you know who your audience is, and whom you write for. While all of us write different things from time to time, we usually have a basic theme that sticks out. 

For example, There are recipe blogs, photo blogs, mommy blogs, and just about any other type you can imagine. 

Choosing your niche will help you keep that audience in mind – if someone is looking for a pet blog, will they want to read a review of a shoe store? Probably not.

Picking the right topic and your audience is the main part for any blogger to succeed in blogging.

Even when you’re not talking about specific topics/products, always maintain focus on how you’re benefiting your readers.

3. Make Sure Your Brand Has Room to Grow

Always select your brand or brand name that has space to grow, which means switching to other related topics.  

Back in 2019, I’d been banging on about picking one niche for years, when I found my blog growing the name had a problem. Because it was a very specific domain name that covered only a particular keyword

However, the lifestyle blogging niche lends itself to broader niches so make sure you can switch multiple topics. That’s how many lifestyle blogs cover a multitude of topics usually reader-driven to their blog.

Therefore, by calling yourself something like gymexercises.com and your audience prefers your diet advice, you can expand it easily. 

But if you want to expand into becoming like a cooking blog, your blog name hasn’t left that space for creative expansion.

Note: Make sure you follow these 3 things before you make money from a lifestyle blog.

How to Make Money with a Lifestyle Blog 2024

Before making money from a lifestyle blog, make sure you focus on increasing your blog traffic.

Remember No Traffic No Money! Let’s jump to the table on how you can make money from your lifestyle blog!

1. Selling Your Own Products 

Lifestyle bloggers can sell their own products on their blogs. You can either sell digital products like e-books, and printables, or physical products like clothes, jewelry, etc.

Basically, this is where things really start and depending on your niche, your expertise, and your interest in pushing beyond just blog posts. 

Creating your own products could be a game-changer for any lifestyle blogger. This is where you really go from just a lifestyle blogger to a lifestyle brand.

If you plan on selling digital or physical products, you just need to set up a store because the possibilities are endless. 

Your lifestyle blog is a source of traffic to direct you to your very own store. For example, beauty products, jewelry, clothing, home decor, or just mugs and t-shirts many more you can sell in your store. 

Also, You can combine your blog with a printable store, write a book, or create a course and sell it. If you want to create and sell your digital product, use Podia, it’s a great tool for bloggers.

With Podia, you can create and sell your online courses and digital products, and host communities. If you’re a beginner, try Podia for free, when you grow, it has all the tools you’ll need along the way.

However, Launching your own products will be so much easier, and make good money if you have a strong audience. And it is the best possible way to monetize a lifestyle blog and earn passive income. 

2. Join Ads Network

This is probably the most obvious passive income source for a new and high-traffic lifestyle blog.

There are tons of ad network programs out there that you can utilize to make money from your lifestyle blog. 

Some of the most popular like Google’s Adsense (for beginners), Ezoic (currently I use), and Text Link Ads. Google Adsense is the holy grail for new bloggers and the most popular ad networks. 

It’s one of my favorite ad networks because it’s easy to set up. But all you need to get Google Adsense approval to participate as a publisher.

I’ve been using Google Adsense for about 4 months but currently using Ezoic that’s literally increased by 119% of ad revenue. 

No matter what your lifestyle blog might be about, it is essential that you place ads to monetize it. 

In addition to placing ads on your lifestyle blog, you can also use RSS advertising to make some extra cash. Since most lifestyle blogs already monetize their content, there is no reason for you not to do the same. 

Ads are an easy way to monetize your lifestyle blog because there’s little barrier to entry once you hit the required you can start monetizing it. 

However, placing ads is a great way to make passive income blogging

3. Sponsored Content

You get paid to write or publish already written blog posts or another company on your blog.

This is another one of my major sources of income at the moment. 

Sponsor post works great because they’re mostly just advertising, so it doesn’t take much effort to write them. 

Basically, A company or influencer will approach you about writing a post on behalf of their product and services.

In return, you get money or free stuff in exchange (that’s the main reason you should do these).

If you want to make money from your lifestyle blog, firstly you need to build trust in your audience. 

The key to making money from blogging is that if your readers don’t trust you, you won’t make money from them. 

So, You need to write about the product or service that you actually use yourself- and trust it. Don’t be greedy about the money by promoting the worst type of products that nobody wants.

For this reason, you should only do sponsored posts on your own blog or other high-quality sites. It’s a good idea to get paid by sites that have a large audience because then you can reach more people through them).

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can turn out to be a big revenue generation strategy for any type of blog.

The best thing about the lifestyle segment or niche is that you can promote many types of products in one blog. 

On the other hand, if your blog focuses on a very specific niche, you can target a unique line of products and services for your readers.

However, Affiliate marketing means promoting or recommending products or services through your blog or website in order to earn a commission. 

There are a couple of ways you can promote affiliate products:

  • Place banner ads on your blog 
  • Write blog posts about the products
  • Send out newsletters

The way whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase through your link, you will get a minimum percentage of 10% to 70% of the commission. 

Basically, Affiliate programs (brand) pay you on a monthly basis. They will typically have a minimum threshold for sending the payment.

You can also directly reach out to major brands to promote their products.

There are so many businesses eager to have their products promoted, that you will have an almost infinite number of products to promote. 

Besides, the lifestyle niche, there is no limit to what you can recommend through your blog or site. As you are the blog owner you can do whatever you like to do with your blog. 

There are also many affiliate networks & programs out there that allow publishers and bloggers to connect with niche brands. 

However, Affiliate Marketing is the same concept as sponsored posts- they’ll give you money in exchange for letting them advertise.

Overall, Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money with a Lifestyle Blog. And Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 and beyond.

Note: Can’t recommend (low-quality product) anything in order to make money off it.

5. eCommerce And Dropshipping

You can also monetize your lifestyle blog by creating your shop page. You can either sell your own product or other products. 

Whether you have a blog means you have targeted a loyal audience, by providing the right thing you can make extra cash. 

No wonder, people love to shop online. After this Coronavirus pandemic demand for online shopping will boom. 

Since WordPress makes it very simple to start an eCommerce site. You just need to download the WooCommerce plugin and start storing your product. 

WooCommerce or Shopify is the best eCommerce option, it is free and has tons of great features you can use while setting up your site.

You can also consider creating a dropshipping store if you don’t have your own goods that you can sell. 

Basically, dropshipping means you sell goods directly to your customer, but someone else will take the responsibility for shipping. 

It is a relatively quick business. You can use WooCommerce to ensure that all the shipping information is sent to the supplier without any issues.

6. Provide Freelance Service

Whether you have your own blog means you already have some sort of marketable skills. For example, Content writing, SEO, WordPress Site development, etc. 

For me, I often sell content writing services to others in my free time. Of course, having a blog gives me an extra push to get clients from around the globe.  

Because my blog works as my portfolio it helps me to find plenty of freelance gigs to earn an income. 

That’s what you can do as well. While your lifestyle niches there are tons of people looking for services like you’re expertise.

Selling a service is undoubtedly one of the most profitable ways to make money with lifestyle blogging. 

If people are visiting your blog it means you are giving value to what they want. 

However, if you truly make money by providing services you need to build a loyal following. 

When you have a following you can sell your services like 1:1 coaching, consultations, or something else you can do virtually right now.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog in 2024 (3 Steps)

If you haven’t started your lifestyle blog yet, you’re just 3 steps ahead. You will just need the following things.

1. Domain Name

This is the very first thing you need if you are planning to start your lifestyle blog. Basically, The domain or blog name is the name of your future blog or brand. 

It is the address of your blog and your readers use the address to access your blog from anywhere in the world.

So, all you need to get your domain from the domain register like Namecheap

If you’re not sure where to start; here is a detailed step-by-step guide that shows you how to come up with a great blog name

2. Blog Hosting

Blog hosting or web hosting is a service where actually your blog lives on the internet. It is a service that provides space or storage where your website with all its files will be stored. 

All you need to choose a good web host that offers 24×7  support with great performance. There are thousands of web hosting companies out there, but I only recommend what I personally use and trust. 

In the web hosting era, I have trusted Bluehost and have used it for my blog since 2019. It offers all the essentials for newbie bloggers need to start and grow a blog. 

3. Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is basically the blogging platform where you need to share your content. I use WordPress on my blogs. It’s great and almost all lifestyle bloggers use it to run their blogs. 

The thought of using WordPress may seem daunting and too technical if you are a newbie blogger. But actually, it isn’t. 

Nowadays, web hosting providers like Bluehost give you the option of installing WordPress with just ‘one click.

What Next?

Once you have the domain, web hosting, and CMS sorted out, it’s time to build your lifestyle blog.

If you’re a complete beginner follow this article, where I’ve explained in detail how to start a blog from Scratch (9000 words).

FAQ; Monetize Lifestyle Blog 2024

What is Included in a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is defined as a digital content representation of a blogger’s everyday life and interests.

Basically, Lifestyle bloggers share a broad variety of content in their personal lives. And it is most notably about family, home, travel, beauty, food, recipes, fashion, makeup, design, and decor.

Can You Make Money With a Lifestyle Blog?

Yes! you can make money from a Lifestyle Blog.  But honestly, it takes time and hard work to make a good income from a lifestyle blog.

There are many different ways to add income like advertising and affiliate marketing Sponsor posts and more. 

How Much Money Does a Lifestyle Blogger Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Lifestyle Blogger in the United States is $52,382 a year.

Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $25.18 an hour. This is equal to $1,007/week or $4,365/month. 

Over to You!

Before you can make money with the lifestyle blog, you first have to start up your blog. Don’t worry creating a new blog is pretty simple and I must say 2024  is the best time to start a blog.

However, Blogging is a wonderful career but one thing you must remember is that blogging is not a quick money scheme. 

Most newbie bloggers start a blog and make only a few dollars in the first couple of months and quit blogging. The only blog would succeed once you put in full dedication & effort.

All you have to take the first steps is choosing a profitable niche, create a beautifully designed blog, and produce high-quality content.  

Note: Always stay consistent, use blog frequency to post regularly. 

I hope you find this article helpful, let me know which blog monetization part you like to make money. 

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