When you want to start a WordPress blog, you may ask yourself many questions like… Is it better to use WordPress for my blog? Is WordPress good for blogs? Here are 7 great reasons to start a WordPress blog in 2024?

Whatever! There are a bunch of questions coming to your mind regarding WordPress. You know what, there are tons of reasons WordPress is still the best blogging platform for your blog.

Because WordPress is the most popular CMS it Powers around 45% of the websites in the world. It started as a blogging platform but now it’s become one of the best CMS out there.

This means you can create any type of website, from blogging to e-commerce, portfolio, or business site. This is exactly the same blogging platform I and many professional bloggers are using these days.

WordPress is the best option to start a blog. And it’s super easy to create a WordPress website. Following the tutorial which helps you start your own WordPress blog in the next 10 minutes.

Now getting back to the topic: Why WordPress is a better option to use for my blog?

Well, I started my first blog with BlogSpot back in 2018. After spending around 4 months I realized that it was not for me. Because It was quite a bit complicated and not as scalable as WordPress.

And I found that most professional Bloggers are using WordPress because of its flexibility. This is one good reason I moved my Blogspot blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Let’s see, the reason I love WordPress…

7 Great Reasons to Start a WordPress Blog in 2024

Last a couple of years from now blogging has become a profession for many people. There are tons of reasons WordPress is the best for Blogs.

As a blogger, WordPress gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility over other platforms.

Anyway, If you want to start blogging and are confused about an idle blogging platform, go with WordPress without any doubt…

Let’s figure out… why?

1. WordPress is free

WordPress is completely free and it’s open-sourced. This means anyone can make improve WordPress by distributing, and modifying it.

This is why WordPress is completely free. However, WordPress also includes plugins and themes too!

Note: WordPress is self-hosted which means need web hosting and a Domain Name that costs you a bit of money.

All of it comes free of cost except web hosting. Free things are way enough when you’re operating a small business or blog on a low budget.

If you want to buy a WordPress theme or plugins instead of using a free one that’s better, but the WordPress CMS doesn’t cost a penny to download.

2. WordPress Support

WordPress is easy and fun for beginners, yet powerful for developers. When I started my first blog on WordPress, I had just started and needed lots of support.

And I have got all the support from the WordPress support forum. This forum came out to be the easiest way to get all the support I needed.

It’s open-source so you can get any help on the internet. Simply search on Google you will get the WordPress answers you are looking for.

As I discussed earlier, WordPress is a very easy platform to get started with. Even, It’s even very easy to set up and run.

3. WordPress Themes and Plugins

A WordPress Website is fully complete with themes and plugins. They give you thousands of themes and plugins for free and paid. In fact, every theme and plugin has the potential for full accessibility.

After starting a new blog, blog design is one of our primary concerns. You can start your WordPress the way you want.

If you are really planning to start your own blog with WordPress, then go ahead. Because it is the perfect platform to start because no one gives you free accessibility like WordPress.

You can go two ways like buy a premium theme or plugins or Download the free theme or plugins. It all depends on your personal requirements.

Ideally, I personally prefer to go for paid, because of its excellent support.

There are hundreds of themes and plugins for WordPress. For the WordPress theme, I prefer ThemeForest and StudioPress.

For Plugins I Prefer CodeCanyon. Just go to the marketplace buy and download any WordPress themes or plugins.

In that case, Blogger.com and other CMS have very limited options.

4. WordPress is easy to use.

WordPress is easy to use and you can start using WordPress as soon as you install it. There is no need for configuration required, aside from customization.

Just get given your theme, as well as the plugins that are suitable for you. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a tech expert or a beginner, it’s got your back.

Anyway, You should start a blog simply because it is super easy. As a new blogger, it’s going from zero to one in a few minutes is more than enough.

5. Customize the Way You Like It

You can customize the way you like your WordPress website. This is one of the biggest reasons is it better to use WordPress for my blog.

However, it’s fast and user-friendliness and you need no technical knowledge to edit and design your website the way you want.

You can change the layout of your post types, and add widgets that are good for blogging. Even you can change the design and make live customization with advanced page builders.

All you can do yourself or by watching a few tutorials on the internet.

6. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Out of the box, WordPress is 100% Search Engine friendly. Most popular search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo intend to rank websites that use WordPress rather than others.

This is because it makes it easy for search engines to crawl. For every blog to succeed, it needs to get ranked on search engines like Google.

Don’t worry, a website with WordPress itself has better SEO value than BlogSpot and others.

Just go ahead and get some of the best SEO WordPress plugins to boost your WordPress blog SEO.

Apart from that, all the SEO plugins you can use to do on-page SEO all by yourself. This is one of the reasons Is it better to use WordPress for my blog.

7. Security Is the Priority

WordPress is the most used CMS platform. And it comes with regular updates that reduce malware and spam.

They keep your site’s software up to date. Even, Some WordPress software updates are automatic, to prevent security vulnerabilities.

Also, you can use some advanced plugins available that you can install to protect yourself further. To prevent your site, you can also have a backup of your website on a regular basis.

The bottom line is WordPress is so secure, and they update themselves all the time to prevent the disaster of your website.

Strong security is one of the reasons WordPress is better to use for your blog.

FAQs: Should I Use WordPress

Is WordPress Responsive?

Yes. WordPress websites or blogs are 100% responsive. With WordPress, your entire site is accessible on tablets, smartphones, and PC.

However, it all depends on the theme and the plugins that you are using on your site.

Is WordPress Good for Your Blog?

Yes, WordPress is a great option to start a blog. It gives you the ultimate control over every aspect of your Blog.

You can customize it the way you want. All the way it makes WordPress the best blogging platform for everyone.

Is WordPress Multi-User Capability?

Yes, WordPress has multi-user capability. WordPress is not only individuals running your website, but also multi-user can run it.

They make it simple to assign different access roles for different people like Super Admin, Editor, Author, etc.

Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging?

No Doubt! WordPress is best for blogging platforms because it offers all without any charge penny. However, It offers free themes, plugins, and all services just you need a web host.

Can I Make Money With My WordPress Blog?

Yes, You can make money with a WordPress blog. Rather than BlogSpot and other platforms, WordPress has more flexibility. However, you can make money by doing affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Sponsor Posts, etc.

Can I Publish My Content Immediately on WordPress?

Yes, you can publish your content as soon as you want. If you lack patience, no one can stop you from publishing content. It just posts with a click of your mouse!


The bottom line is WordPress has a lot going for it as it’s powered 43% of the websites on the web.

Even if you want your site ways that look professional, yes it is possible with WordPress. And is easy to set up and maintain, especially if you’re not code-savvy.

So without thinking twice, buy a Web hosting plan to host your WordPress blog and choose the theme. Then, design your blog, install essential plugins and widgets, and get started immediately.

Hope you understand why is it better to use WordPress for my blog. If you have any questions then please comment below, You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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