You might not know that “how to do keyword research for blog posts”, that’s why you’re here!

Keyword research is very important in order to rank on search engines. For SEO, it isn’t as easy as it used to be, that’s for sure you need to be more creative now.

Who doesn’t want organic search traffic? If you are a blogger, you have the desire that your blog posts rank in search engines and get traffic.

Sound good! but you need to do keyword research for both your blog post and your marketing strategy.

Ranking on search it’s not as easy, as you think just write a blog post and rank on top.. my friend, the day has gone, it’s getting so much harder now!

So, you need to do proper keyword research for your blog post, otherwise, your efforts will be ruined once you aren’t ranked on the search engine.

So in this article, I will walk you through some easy ways that you can do keyword research for your SEO blog posts, and that will work for you.

Let’s drive in!!!

What Is Keyword Research?

A keyword is a kind of word, phrase, or anything that people enter into search engines. Keyword research is the process of identifying the words or phrases to figure out the intent of the Search.

This process might give you the ultimate idea of which keyword you should be focused on while you write a blog post or campaign that easily ranks.

In this process, we called keyword research and we used it to write blog posts.

These keywords would be sentences or queries that people are typing on search engines.

For example, you search for something on Google with keywords, and you can find plenty of results according to your search words.

Why?? This is because some blogs or websites have already fulfilled the query. So the fact the matter is you have to find those words so that you can write a blog post in order to solve the query.

To do that you need to do keyword research for blog posts. So keep reading and I have a very simple way that I do keyword research for SEO blog posts.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts in 2024?

There are many new bloggers who make a big mistake by not doing any keyword research before writing an article.

As I mentioned earlier keyword research is an important part of online visibility. If you don’t do the proper research on the targeted keyword for the article, it could be impossible to do the right SEO.

So in this article, I show you the exact method by which I do keyword research for blog posts. Here are only four steps you need to follow in order to find good keywords for an SEO blog post.

Step 1. Select A Blog Niche

Before you start a blog you must select a profitable blog niche. Picking a blog niche is important to clarify a topic and area that you’re going to focus all your content on.

So the topic you select is that you have an interest in or passion for. And, honestly, this can be tricky to find your interests and passions.

No one can tell either what’s your passion, it’s only coming when you consistently do something that automatically becomes a passion or career.

There are a few questions you need to follow…

  • What’s your blog about?
  • How do you achieve your blog goals?
  • Which field do you have an interest in?
  • What’s your long-term vision?

Creating content related to the most popular and profitable topics matters. It also has chances to have monetization opportunities. This is the core key If you’re hoping to blog for a living.

However, building a blog is easy. However, selecting the right blog niche is an important task that determines the success (or failure) of your blog.

Step 2. List Relevant Topics Based on Your Niche

Once you have selected a niche the next step would be finding a sub-category.

Let’s say you want to start a travel blog, this is your niche. And figure out what category you want your blog to be about. As a example Travel Blog>> Travel destination>>Travel Equipment

In your travel blog, you mostly focus on these two sub-category

#1. Travel Destination: In these sections, you can make another category like Country>> places, etc.

#2. Travel Equipment: This is also a vast topic where you can separate categories like a camera, tripod, travel bag, etc.

Note: Stop blogging randomly, because your readers feel a bit confused about what’s your blog actually be about.

Once you select the subcategory it would be easier to figure out the blogging goals.

It helps you to focus on the specific topics that attract more readers to your blog. When you write content in two categories it makes your blog SEO Authority.

Once you’ve selected the sub-category it is time to list related keywords for your blog posts. The listed keyword allows you to focus on long-term blog goals.

For example, travel equipment that includes equipment like Travel cameras, travel bags, travel shoes, etc.

Travel Camera:

  • Travel camera case
  • Best travel camera
  • Best compact travel camera
  • Mirrorless travel camera

Travel Bags:

  • Best travel bags
  • Travel trolley bag
  • Best Travel bag for girls
  • Travel bag for men

Travel Shoes:

  • Best travel shoes for walking
  • Best walking travel shoes
  • Travel shoe bag
  • women’s best travel shoes

It was an example, of this way, you need to figure out the keyword for blog posts.

This process gives you the extra power to produce content one by one. Make sure you follow this step which saves plenty of time in the long run.

There are many newbie bloggers who make these mistakes. Just start to produce content randomly.

When they don’t see any results think to quit blogging. Make your blogging journey hassle-free with the right plans.

Step 4. Use Tools For Keywords Research

Using the right tools to get your work done in just a few minutes to analyze keywords for blog posts.

There are many SEO tools out there like SEMrush, LongTailPro, Ubersuggest, which I recommend for everyone.

These tools are compatible with any situation to analyze the market. These three tools are some of the best SEO tools I have ever used in my blogging career.

What SEO tools are used for :

#1. Spy on Your Competitor: Having competitors is one of the best opportunities. Because when you spy on your competitors you might guess what you need to do for better value to your readers.

But competition is also a problem they can take readers or customers away from you. So the fact of the matter is that having competitors might be good or bad in both cases.

#2. Find Low-Competition Keywords: If you want your blog to grow fast then focus on low-competition long-tail keywords.

Finding a long-tail keyword is to boost your blogging success like a skyrocket. For example, if you use SEMrush SEO tools that gives you the ultimate flexibility.

They have SEMrush Keyword magic tools that help you to find keywords in just a few minutes. The low competition means your blog post has the potential to rank.

#3. Find Trending Topics: With the SEO tool, you can easily find the trading topics for the blog posts.

In a few quick ways, you come up with unique blog post ideas for your niche. It helps you to find out all the questions your target audience might have in mind.

The tool I use for My Blog Post

#1. Ubersuggest: This is a free and best SEO tool for the beginner that specializes in generating new keyword ideas.

I would recommend this to every newbie blogger who might give you fantastic keyword ideas for the blog posts.

#2. LongTailPro: It is a paid SEO keyword tool that can help you dominate your competitors.

It helps you to generate long-tail keyword ideas, that are easy to appear on Search Engine Results Pages. It costs you a bit of money but it’s worth paying. Grab 30% off longTailPro.

#3. SEMrush: Well, I might say it is one of the best tools I have ever used in my blogging journey.

SEMrush all in an SEO tool. It does everything like keyword research, runs an SEO audit, backlink opportunities, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, and lots more.

Overall, SEMrush is a great choice for internet marketers, big businesses, and small all over the world. Try SEMrush For free!

Once you go through these four steps, you can put in place the keywords to improve your content and SEO strategy.

With the following tips, you can instantly enhance your content and user experience.

Hopefully, it allows you to appear on search engine results pages and get more Blog traffic.

Why Keyword Research is So Important for Blog Posts?

As a blogger, I realize that the right keyword plays a huge role in SEO. I have failed many times because of targeting the wrong keyword.

However, If you want to rank your blog post then you need to focus on very specific keywords that are easy to rank.

I know what you’re thinking, Let’s figure out why keyword research is essential for a blog post so that you can boost your traffic, sales, and engagement.

#1. Catch Your Aimed Customers: Once you do keyword research for blog posts your article will reach the customer you wanted. Your Aimed Customers only you get when you do proper research.

# 2. Understand Your Customers: With proper keyword research, you understand your customer’s needs and demands. You ensure via research what is your audience needs, and what are they looking for?

#3. Get High Search Engine Rank Positions: It’s the core benefit you will get. Rank on search has possibly brought more traffic and more sales. Only it is possible when you do the proper keyword research for blog posts.

#4. Increase Sales/Leads: Keyword research gives you the clarity of the keyword that can bring sales and leads.

#5. Beat Your Competitors: Yes, it could be easy to spy on your competitor by using tools like SEMrush.

After analyzing your competitors, you could possibly find an off-page and off-page SEO strategy to plan for keyword targeting strategies.

These are the reasons behind you need to do keyword research for SEO blog posts. Overall, keyword research would let you run a successful blogging business!

FAQs: Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research and Analysis?

Well, Keyword research is the main SEO task which is the process of identifying popular words and phrases people looking for. And the process helps to figure out what is easy to rank for, and what works for you.

Is Keyword Research Still Important?

There are many rumors out there that keyword research no longer needed in 2024.

To be honest keyword research is still very relevant and important for both SEO and online success with search engine rankings. Don’t think so, without it, you can go far because of wrong keywords, resulting in almost zero.

Are Meta Keywords Still Relevant for Blog Post 2024?

Yes, meta keywords are still relevant for the blog posts in 2024 but not all meta tags can help you to rank on Google.

To be honest, if you want to rank high in Google in 2024 then you should focus on high-quality content. The post intent will explain which meta tags are good to go with and which are not relevant or dead.

How is Keyword Research Useful for Blog Posts?

The right keyword definitely impacts your blog post visibility. And the keyword research is the exact blueprint for your blog post efforts and success.

It makes everything more efficient or it makes everything wrong. The relevant keywords should lead to your blog post driving more traffic, sales, and ROI.

Which One is the Best Tool for Keyword Research?

As we know keyword research is a vital element in an SEO blog post. To do that you need a kick-start tool that makes your work done.

For this, I highly recommend SEMrush which boosts my 2x traffic to find the long keyword. after using many tools I have found this tool is the best tool for keyword research.

Final Thoughts on Keyword for Blog Post

Congratulations my friends! hope you know all about how to do keyword research for blog posts and how important it would be.

I’ve gone through the details on the importance of keyword research for blog posts and how to do it the right way.

I recommend you write and post on a specific category in a few months. Why?? because it helps you gain authority and it also helps you rank on SERPs.

Note: Keywords alone aren’t enough to rank high on search. What if someone else using the exact same keywords as you.

So in this case, I highly recommend you focus on writing high-quality content that will boost your ranking.

On top of that, the more you practice SEO techniques, the more you can deliver high-value and well-written content. Keep pushing and upgrade yourself daily.

If you have any queries or problems, please let me know in the comment below. I will definitely catch you up through the comments.

Or also you can ask me anything on our VIP Community Group, where Newbie bloggers come to get inspired. Thanks For Reading !!!

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