I wrote this post for new bloggers whoever is interested in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing gives you financial and location freedom. 

People are telling you affiliate marketing is dead, but I can guarantee you, after reading this post, that you can mark them as they never run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Those who are doing great in blogging, they are telling, me my affiliate marketing will be even bigger in 2024, and I see no sign of it declining at all.

That’s the reason I am writing this post for beginner bloggers. Those who are doing online shopping or are willing to do they are happy to provide their email, and phone number, or download an app.

So, here you can say, that affiliate marketing will be a multi-billion industry. Before going deep, I designed and wrote this post only for new bloggers.

Beginner bloggers who are very new to this field and know something about affiliate marketing will benefit from this post. You have to do hard work before seeing any results.

So, if you are serious, you can read; otherwise, do not read any further.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Bloggers

You have followed all the steps carefully, and you have learned the following:

  • What is affiliate marketing for beginners?
  • How many different types of affiliate marketing are out there?
  • What is an affiliate network and advertising platform, or who offers these opportunities?
  • Is there any place to buy free or cheap traffic for affiliate marketing?
  • How to use the tracker to get maximum results?
  • How do you avoid amateur blogging mistakes to running the first campaign?

You have seen someone making $100 a day, and you are willing to do the same. You have to clear your mind that affiliate marketing is an easy way to think but not when you will do it. 

On the other side, some so-called gurus are creating a course to give you $100 a day opportunities. Shortly, this post will help beginner bloggers start affiliate marketing.

You have to spend money; this is not true because good bloggers have so much good information about affiliate marketing for free. 

Hence, I have written this post to take you who have no idea about affiliate marketing to your first campaign.

I don’t need to tell you again, that you have to work hard and dedication from your last time. I don’t want to tell you again and again that if you are here for money without learning anything, this post is not for you. 

Just think one time, if it’s so simple, then why everyone is not doing affiliate marketing to make money online.

If you are still reading and want to keep moving, read on!

Let’s suppose your friend John has created a product worth $100. You are selling on behalf of John, and per sales, he is giving you a $30 commission. 

This is what? This is a commission-based business, or you can say affiliate marketing.

You are doing great, and your friend John is asking you to provide an email address from your visitors for $1. You can take it as another form of affiliate marketing.

How Many Different Types of Affiliate Marketing are Out There?

I don’t need to tell you that if you do a Google search, you will see tons of affiliate marketing results. But let’s make this simple. Affiliate marketing for beginner bloggers falls into two types:

  • Asset-based Affiliate Marketing
    You have a website or blog that you are using to drive traffic on an affiliate link, and it means you are using your asset.
  • Free Affiliate Marketing
    Here you are using a traffic source to get traffic on an affiliate link, which means you don’t have an asset. Traffic sources will be Facebook, Google ads, Native ads, etc.

What will you need to see your first $100?

  • You have started today, and you are going to be a millionaire tomorrow. Affiliate marketing is not like that. You have to work with dedication and patience.
  • You can make money online without zero investment, so you must invest a few hundred dollars because it’s a business.
  • Waste your 60 minutes reading this post. (I am kidding)
  • Coffee or Whiskey?


Affiliate Network For New Bloggers in 2024

First, you have to choose the product you will promote through your blog.

You’re probably thinking: Where can I find this product? How do I choose one? I will make the whole process step-by-step, and I think this is the best way for a beginner blogger. Here you go.

Now, you will learn the following steps:

  • Where to find an affiliate network and how to get accepted by one?
  • How to sign up at Clickdealer.
  • How to choose an offer.

Where to Find an Affiliate Network and How to Get Accepted by One?

Beginner bloggers think it’s hard to complete when it comes to finding an affiliate network and getting accepted by them. 

You don’t have a track record, or you haven’t run a successful affiliate marketing campaign. This is what beginner bloggers often reject.

What will a beginner blogger do? Shortly, you have to be serious and intelligent. Show the affiliate networks that you are ready to do affiliate marketing whatever it takes to succeed. 

Think twice, you haven’t made any sales, and you are asking millions of questions. The affiliate company will not be happy with you. To make this happen, you have to focus on the following tips:

  • Create a Skype or Telegram account. They will ask for one of them.
  • Have a social media profile ready. Never mark them as private.
  • Mention that you have a budget and are ready to invest. You are here to do business, aren’t you?
4 Bonus: To further increase your chances of being accepted, do the following:

There are a couple of things you must know if you’re a beginner in Affiliate marketing.

1 – Buy the domain you can find. The domain name should be related to your name or niche—for example, your name + online or your niche + company. Don’t overthink.

2 – Login to your cPannel or domain name provider to create a business email address, and your email address should be yourname@yourdomain.com.

3 – Create a page in your domain, to do this, you can use Elementor. There is a free version that you can use to make your page.

You don’t need to purchase a landing page builder because creating a landing page with a page builder takes time and expertise.

4 – Sign up with an affiliate marketing forum such as iAmAffiliate, and let them know your username over there.

The following affiliate networks are for beginner bloggers. Hit them up.

Note: If you face any technical issues then change your browser and email address.

How to Join Affiliate Networks (Example)

Sign up at Clickdealer

In today’s online, Affiliate networks are present in a massive amount, and not all of them are for beginner bloggers. It’s tough to choose the right one. But this problem is not with Clickdealer.

I have chosen Clickdealer because they accommodate beginner bloggers who are ready or willing to start affiliate marketing.

You can do a Google search for Clickdealer or click on Clickdealer to reach the Clickdealer homepage. Then what? Sign up for Smartlinks and check your email to confirm your registration.

Never forget to check your junk folder.

Within three business days, you will get a response from Clickdealer. If not, go to the Contact Us page and ask your questions, and they will answer you.

After getting the approval email, they will assign you as an affiliate manager. Use Skype or email to get in touch with them. 

Let them know who you are? Gather some other information like where they are located, their operating time, and the best way to get in touch with them.

I am going to assume that you have now been accepted and everything is good. Let’s move on to the next step.

Choosing an offer

I am sure you will make a mistake here; you are a beginner blogger and will be confused about the commission rate. If you want to avoid errors in product selection, then you have to read carefully.

Before doing so, remember this:

“The best way to find a good offer is to ask your affiliate manager.” –Every Successful Affiliate Marketer

It’s not hard work to show you tools and techniques, but I don’t want to do this. Because whenever I want to find a great product, I contact my affiliate manager.

So, make a good relationship with your affiliate manager; they will help you in this case.

Let’s suppose you have selected a digital marketing tool and you want to promote it in the USA.

Now, wait for 24 hours for your affiliate manager’s approval. In the meantime, you can message them (affiliate manager) to know how much time it will take.

Your request is approved, and you will get a email. You can see your offer in bold font, and your offer status will be active.

Click on the offer name, and you will be redirected to the offer page. On the offer page, you can see everything you need to know.

Let’s see some other information that you need to understand.
  • Payout: Payout is how much you will get paid for every required action. Your advertiser needs an email address, and for this, you will get $2 for every email address. When someone enters a new email address on your payout dashboard, you will see $2.
  • Price Format: It’s up to you what you do. You can do CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action). In this case, you will only be paid when someone fulfills the requirement.
  • Flow: Flow indicates the paid time. In my case, I have seen “CC Submit.” When the user enters/provides the credit card number, I will get born.
  • Offer Capped: I think you should focus on this first. How many conversions are allowed per day offer capped will tell you.

Now scroll down until you can see your affiliate link to that offer. If someone finishes all the necessary actions; then you will get paid. What is this called? This is called a conversion.

How to get Traffic for Affiliate Marketing 

If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing you must know that traffic is important. A traffic source is nothing but quality blog traffic that you will get for your blog that matters.

Google is the best platform for organic traffic, and organic traffic takes time. I forgot to tell you about Bing. But we will discuss both (organic and paid).

1. Organic traffic

You have to work on problem-solving products and backlinks to get organic traffic.

This is not about you having written about a problem-solving product, and you have created some backlinks; then, you will get started with organic traffic. 

Here are the steps:
  • Choose long-tail keywords
  • Use your keywords in the title, description, and URL, within the first 100 words, into your headings.
  • Why you are writing the content, explain it perfectly
  • Never use stock images too much
  • After finishing your content, check for content optimizations
  • Your content is published, update your sitemap
  • Create backlinks from the relevant blog or websites

Let’s make all the points easy to understand. Have you ever thought about why I use long-tail keywords so fast?

1. Choose long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are perfect for conversion and specific traffic. For low search volume, most bloggers avoid long-tail keywords. Another reason is that long-tail keywords are product-specific.

2. Keep keywords density 1.0 if you can

Use keywords, as I told you earlier. But never use keywords like here and there, because it will hurt your rank. Never forget to use keywords in the description and title.

3. Write a in-depth article

You have written an article. But already, there is a massive article on the internet based on your target keywords.

Why will Google see your content as great content? Because you have written an in-depth report that nobody is doing in your niche.

4. Content Optimizations

Avoid duplicate content and produce great content for blog SEO. Content optimization meets SEO requirements. In this step, Google will love your content. 

How many internal and external have you made? Have you done your image SEO (before uploading images, compress)? How many headings have you created?

Don’t be too much of a Google algorithm lover. When you do, your article will look very bad. Between Google and use, experience makes a balance.

5. Sitemap and Backlinks

You have updated your sitemap; Google will get a push signal to index your content fast. Maybe you have listened to backlinks that don’t matter for ranking. 

Ok, no problem. Then they are creating backlinks? Because they know the importance. 

You have written excellent content, and everybody should check your content. But where is your content? 

Your content ranks in the 80-90 position or not even within 100. People will only click on the first five results. Suppose your friend “X” has written content, and within his article, he linked it with Y’s article. 

When Google comes to index your friend’s article, Google will see a linked page with Y. 

Here; Google gets a positive signal to push Y’s carrier. Ultimately, backlinks are essential to rank on the Search engine. Note: backlinks should be relevant.

Bonus: Be specific about your niche and content. Give as much value as you can. Give the solutions.

After covering the problem topic, show them you have the answer as a solution to sell your products. When they trust you, it doesn’t matter whether your product is an affiliate.

2. Paid traffic

So, now we are going to choose paid traffic. Again it’s business, and investing some money is mandatory.

Don’t avoid Facebook and email marketing. Some people are familiar with Google ads, and some are Facebook ads. If you don’t like my way, you can choose your favorite ad platform.

You are a beginner; not every ad platform will benefit you, and some traffic sources are especially for experts only. Long story short, I will share/focus on the one paid traffic source that you can see just below.

1. Pay-Per-View (PPV)

You will be charged that time when your visitors will see your landing page or ads. Isn’t it good? Most marketers call this Cost-Per-View (CPV).

Can you remember, you opened a website, and suddenly a pop-up infected your PC or laptop? This is what I am telling you about.

In the affiliate marketing business, marketers call this pops message. Maybe you have closed all of the pops messages but not everyone.

For this pops up a message, you can simply Google and see tons of results. But here, we are going to use PPC Mate. Why PPC? This platform is cheap and friendly for beginner bloggers.

Sign up for PPC Mate with the correct information.

Don’t need to worry about account approval. Within a few minutes, your account will be approved. Then ads funds. As I told you before, the price is meager, a deposit of $25 to get started.

Now, What? You can follow me to set up your first campaign, or you can do it.

In the destination URL, give the page URL you have made for your ads campaign (Landing page/offer page).

Set your daily budget at $5 only, and don’t forget to set the start and end dates. If you don’t, the campaign will run until your funds are finished.

In the GEO section, choose (the USA in our example).

Click on the check button to see any errors you have made by mistake. Everything is okay; you can see how many people or users are available to see your ads.

Finally, click on “Create Campaign” and Hurry! Your campaign is ready/live to get traffic.



As per my thought, you should bookmark this post. I have explained affiliate marketing for beginners in this post-step-by-step; if you make any mistake, who will lose your time and money, obviously you.

Let me know your thoughts on this post. Again, if you follow all the steps carefully and do hard work with patience, you can see your money on the affiliate dashboard.

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