It’s an overwhelming task when it comes to picking a WordPress blog theme. Some questions might be confusing you, like, is it worth paying for a WordPress theme, or are premium WordPress themes worth it.

So many questions playing around in your mind at the time of starting a WordPress blog. So what do I do?

Well, before you decide whether to choose a free blog theme or a premium WordPress theme.

The free theme isn’t bad but the paid theme is much better than the free one if you plan to blog for the long term.

If your blogging vision is just to experiment or learn WordPress then a free blog theme is way enough.

Or if your blogging vision is to make money or make an impact then a paid blog theme is a must-have.

Keep reading, you learn exactly what you are looking for in terms of choosing a WordPress theme. Know the truth, Is it really worth paying for a WordPress theme!

Let’s drive in!

Is it Worth Paying for a WordPress Theme?

YES, it is really worth paying for a WordPress blog Theme. A good blog theme makes your blog look and feel stand out.

It allows you to create a WordPress website in many variations. It has multiple demos, and by the time you’re done building up your website in just one click.

I know what you’re thinking…

The facts are quite like this, why would I pay for a premium theme when there are tons of free options out there?

Well, truth to be told, the old saying; ‘you get what you pay for Nothing comes for free. The same thing happens when it comes to WordPress Themes.

But, things would be different if you’re a web developer, you can make changes by coding.

It might help you to navigate your WordPress theme the way you would like. That’s why, for Non-tech guys, a premium blog theme comes in handy.

However, a Free theme is always good for new website owners and also ideal for those who want to constantly experiment.

In free themes, you won’t get a site with an awesome look, customization, and protection.

But the premium themes are worth it in many ways that you can personalize your website in the way you want.

The premium theme has the ability to make changes and adjustments as compared to free themes.

In fact, according to CodeinWP, the average price for a premium theme is $57.54 which is compatible with any must-have plugins.

Overall, for anyone, It’s Worth Paying for a paid blog theme.

How Much Premium WordPress Themes Cost It?

The average price of a Premium WordPress theme is between $25 to $100. But it depends upon the function and purpose of the theme.

There are some popular theme markets like ThemeForest, StudioPress, Restored316 (For Feminine Entrepreneurs), and many more. You can buy any theme from the market for between $40 to $150.

If you take your blog as a business you should care about your blog-like business. Keep in mind that businesses always need investment, and your blog is no different.

In order to grow your blog, you need to invest in some blogging tools to take your blog to the next level.

However, As you are going to start your own blog and it will be managed on your own, so, it is highly recommended for you to opt for a Premium WordPress Theme.

Top 6 Reasons You Should Buy a WordPress Theme

There are plenty of reasons out there, that you should buy a WordPress theme for blogging. Let’s discuss and figure out…why is it worth paying for a WordPress theme.

1. Easy Customization

For me when I started my first WordPress blog with NameCheap and Avada it was a great experience at the start.

Without knowing anything in just a few months I become a master in WordPress theme customizations because of flexibility.

That’s why I recommend to anyone to go with premium themes because of easy customizations.

The most common features include a drag-and-drop page builder which allows you to click and drag the different elements to make your page right.

Beyond that, you will likely have more customizability, so you can personalize your blog theme the way you want to fit your needs and style.

2. User Friendly

Without saying anything, undoubtedly a premium WordPress theme is 100% user-friendly!

You will fall in love with building your blog because of its enriched features that allow you to quickly and easily navigate your theme. If you want to make any changes to your site it will let you explore more easily.

Whether you believe me or not, upload a free theme and try making a few simple changes to your site. I’m sure you have a hard time even figuring out the basics?

If you are a web designer you may even have a very hard time figuring out the change. Save yourself from the hassle and get yourself a user-friendly premium theme if you are not tech-savvy.

On the other hand, the premium theme also comes 100% SEO-friendly.

If you aren’t quite sure what SEO is, here is a quick note. SEO means search engine optimization. It is basically a result of maximizing your site visitors based on how highly ranked your website is.

To do better blog SEO premium themes help you to rank on the search engines. Because it comes with code that follows the latest and best practices of SEO standards.

A premium theme is pretty essential when it comes to a successful website.

3. Higher Security

Security is always measured when you start a blog or build an online business. There are many vulnerabilities that come when using a free theme.

It can seem almost too good but in the back, they are packaged with tons of malicious code.

In this case, you can avoid security issues by downloading themes from the WordPress Themes Directory. I highly recommend avoiding the free options that are available from other sources.

On the other hand, Premium WordPress themes are the right choice that actually stay updated and fight against malicious code. If you purchased a premium WordPress theme that highly ensures security.

To ensure security, You would better go with a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest or StudioPress. They both are awesome platforms in terms of premium themes.

4. Support

Tech support is one of the best things in terms of using a premium WordPress theme whether a free theme doesn’t.

Why tech support is important?

Newbies who are new to WordPress, they might face problems during customization. At that time you need support to take care of everything about the theme.

In any further step, the support team will handle the problem. So now tell me, what do you prefer? Not having tech support to spend a day resolving the issues or having the support to fix the problem in just an hour.

If you’re smart enough, you definitely go with a premium theme because of tech support.

So you can focus more on other things like creating quality content. Lastly, it makes for a much better experience for you as well as the user.

5. Regular Updates

WordPress has constantly updated itself and you need a WordPress theme that can cope with the updates.

Basically, the problem comes with free themes whether they don’t come out with new and updated versions.

On the other hand, Premium themes are regularly updated to meet the standards of new WordPress updates.

They are typically updated on a regular basis to keep up with new versions of WordPress.

It’s not only updated regularly but also keeps your work safe. When you buy a premium WordPress theme, you can be confident that it will stand up to date.

6. Responsive Design

Don’t be careless about responsive design because it is important to your site’s success.

A Responsive web design has the ability to create an optimal user experience for your readers across devices.

Make sure your site looks great on both desktop and mobile. To do so you need a responsive website design. Premium WordPress themes already come with these features.

On the other hand, Free themes are pretty basic, they aren’t responsive at all.

If you want a unique design and feel to your site, then you definitely go with a premium WordPress theme.

Because they offer a wide range of design elements you won’t get the standard on free themes.

Above is the best reason you should go with the premium blog theme. What do you think… Is it Worth Paying For A WordPress Theme?

Why You Should Avoid Free WordPress Blog Themes?

There are plenty of reasons you will find in your way of using a free theme. However, I point out some of the core drawbacks to avoiding free themes.

1. Insecurity

This is the first drawback of the free theme. A theme is published in the WordPress repository, and it is highly tested to reduce vulnerability.

Be careful, you might come up with tons of free solutions that have unintended negative effects with malicious code. As a newbie, it would be out of your way of knowledge.

But make sure you choose free themes only from trusted sources, from developers you trust. Highly recommend avoiding free themes with coded links and scripts.

2. Low quality

No doubt a free theme has extensively low quality rather than a premium WordPress theme. As you can guess a free theme author spends less time and effort on the development to bring solid work.

A free theme offers a very low quality and less performance product. It’s not SEO and mobile-friendly that steps your readers away.

3. Weird Support

It’s not a drawback at all but it does. Why would you expect someone to help, you don’t even pay him for that. Someone also has a life to live and survive.

However, you won’t get support as a premium WordPress theme. Because the free theme developer spends less time on a free theme rather than on a premium theme.

These are the most common problems you’d face in terms of using a free theme. So Wake up…Go for the right tools. Undoubtedly is it worth paying for a WordPress theme

FAQ: Are Premium Themes Worth the Money?

What Is A Premium WordPress Theme?

Premium WordPress theme is a type of theme that costs money for a better experience to use.

It doesn’t come for free. It is a premium theme and it is built by professionals with the specific aim of catering to a market that is ready to pay for a better product.

Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth It?

Obviously, Premium WordPress blog themes are worth it. It might inspire you to stay motivated with the blog design.

The premium theme has so many beautiful demo sites and features that are easy to go with. The best reason is a premium theme it’s very easy to customize rather than a free theme.

Why Choose a Premium WordPress Theme?

There is plenty of reasons you can choose a premium WordPress theme.

As premium themes have charged a fee this is why they give you flexibility like updates, support, security, and privacy rather than free.

This is why it’s a good idea to consider a premium theme to build a WordPress website.

Do I Need Help with Your Premium Theme?

Actually, you need support or help with your premium theme if you are new to WordPress. Don’t worry, the premium theme comes with user-friendliness and is easy to customizable.

If you are a starter blogger then go with premium because for any query you get the solutions from the support team.


To sum up, your decision to buy a premium theme, or use a free theme, would be based on your goals, needs, and Blogging plans.

Again, free themes are good for new blogs who just want to explore or if have the vision to monetize your blog then you need a more customizable theme.

You know what! blogging can be a good career, there are so many people living their life via blogging.

Do you really want to use a theme that is very limited, insecure, and low-quality for your blogging business? You should better think about it.

I always recommend to my readers to go with premium because it has extensive features that you don’t need at the beginning but later it does.

I hope you enjoy the article; Plz share the article on social media and also with your friends and family.

Let me know, What themes are you using for free, Or premium? Let me know in the comments section what your personal favorite blog theme is!

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