In this comprehensive guide, we’ll get into understanding the use of our WordPress month shortcode from AIO Shortcodes.

Additionally, we’ll take you through the various ways you can enhance your content by displaying month-related information in different formats on your WordPress website.

Getting Started With WordPress Month Shortcode

To utilize the [aio_month] shortcode, ensure that you have successfully installed and activated the AIO Shortcodes plugin on your WordPress website.

This versatile shortcode can be seamlessly integrated into various elements of your WordPress content, such as post/page titles, headings, lists, paragraphs, sidebars, widgets, and even menu items.

Basic Usage of [aio_month]

After installing and activating the AIO Shortcodes plugin, showcasing the current month as well as past or future months with custom formats becomes effortlessly simple. 

Let’s explore its full potential through practical examples that will elevate your user experience.


  • Input: [aio_month]
  • Output: June

Placing the above shortcode within your page, post, or widget will automatically display the current month.

Unlocking Advanced Options And Attributes

This shortcode also comes with advanced options that allow you to further customize its functionality according to your needs.

Utilizing ‘go’ Attribute:

The ‘go’ attribute enables you to calculate future or past months based on a specified number. The basic format is as follows: [aio_month go="x"], where ‘x‘ represents the desired month value for display.


  • Input: [aio_month go="2"]
  • Output: August (current month + 2)
  • Input: [aio_month go="-5"]
  • Output: January (current month – 5)

Leveraging ‘format’ Attribute:

The ‘format‘ attribute empowers you to customize the display format of the month name in different formats.


  • Input: [aio_month format="mmmm"]
  • Output: June (default format)
  • Input: [aio_month format="mmm"]
  • Output: Jun (month name in a short format like Jan, Jun, Oct)
  • Input: [aio_month format="mm"]
  • Output: 06 (month name in short (numbers) format in numbers like 05, 09, 11)

Combining Attributes:

The beauty lies in combining multiple attributes to achieve precise outcomes with our WordPress month shortcode.


  • Input: [aio_month go="2" format="mmm"]
  • Output: Aug (current month + 2 in short format)
  • Input: [aio_month go="-6" format="mmm"]
  • Output: Dec (current month – 6 in short format)
  • Input: [aio_month go="3" format="mm"]
  • Output: 09 (current month + 3 in short (number) format)
  • Input: [aio_month go="-5" format="mm"]
  • Output: 01 (current month – 5 in short (number) format)

Feel free to experiment with these attribute combinations to display month-related content effectively on your WordPress website.

Month Shortcode Combinations & Samples

Below is a comprehensive table illustrating different examples of using the [aio_month] shortcode with or without attributes:

[aio_month]JuneDisplay current month
[aio_month go="2"]AugustCalculate current month + 2
[aio_month go="-4"]FebruaryCalculate current month – 4
[aio_month format="mmmm"]JuneCalculate current month (default format)
[aio_month format="mmm"]JunCalculate current month in a short name
[aio_month format="mm"]06Calculate current month in numbers
[aio_month go="3" format="mmm"]SepCalculate current month – 5 in the short format in numbers
[aio_month go="-5" format="mm"]01Calculate current month – 5 in the short format in numbers

These examples showcase the versatility of the [aio_month] shortcode, allowing you to tailor your content in various month name formats.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Find quick answers to common queries about the WordPress month shortcode in this section.

How do I display the current month using a shortcode in WordPress?

Simply install and activate the AIO Shortcodes plugin on your WordPress website, then insert the [aio_month] shortcode into any page, post, or widget to automatically display the current month name.

Can I show the future or past month with the shortcode?

Absolutely! Use the ‘go‘ attribute to calculate future or past months. For instance, [aio_month go="4"] will display the current month four e.g. October.

Is it possible to change the month name format?

Certainly! Employ the ‘format‘ attribute to customize the format. For example, [aio_month format="mm"] and [aio_month format="mmm"] will show the month names in short formats (e.g., 06 and Jun respectively).

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