Looking for the best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers in 2024, you’ve come to the right place!

So, Why Managed WordPress Hosting? Well, it is because Managed WordPress hosting is a bit like having your own personal tech team.

The best thing about Managed WordPress hosting is the teams will take care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes so you can focus on your business.

Finding the best WordPress Managed Hosting is a bit risky because of some fake providers.

If you are looking for Managed WordPress Hosting to move your WordPress website, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top 7 managed WordPress hosting for your WordPress site that never let you down.

Are you excited? Let’s drive in!

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means complete solutions for your WordPress website, whether you start a WordPress blog or migrate your blog.

Technically, managed hosting is always better than traditional hosting. Where a hosting provider manages all the technical stuff of running your website.

Even they help you with vital tasks including daily backups and security checks. Unlike a shared web hosting service, it helps you to optimize your site for speed and high performance.

The purpose of managed WordPress hosting is to provide a hassle-free experience for you. So you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about your website.

If you’re on a short time, here are the top three hosting providers I recommend (& why):

1. Nexcess:

Nexcess is can be the best choice if you manage a large number of websites. They provide pretty Useful features, superb uptime with reliable performance.

Their developer-friendly tools help to scale at any time even losing without compromising the quality of support.

2. Rocket.net:

Rocket.net is an affordable and perfect solution for beginner to advanced users. It is super easy to set up and comes with Authentic support. Which makes them a perfect hosting solution for WordPress users.

3. WPEngine:

WPEngine is a developer-focused service, offering a range of advanced features. This is the kind of host you wouldn’t want to change.

They are perfect for bloggers, agencies, and small businesses. They have many unique features such as awesome uptime with full access to Studipress WordPress premium theme.

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What to Look For in a Managed WordPress Hosting for Blogging?

You do not need Managed WordPress Hosting to run a small website or Blog. For these, shared hosting like Bluehost, with a free domain name that’s way enough to create a new website.

As we mentioned already, not every website needs managed WordPress hosting. If you’re running a larger site with a lot of traffic, or if you’re just not comfortable with the technical aspects of running a website.

Alright in these cases a managed hosting provider will be better for you. However, managed hosting services aren’t always cheap, in the long run.

So make sure these things are below before you check out any providers.

  1. Performance: Check the provider’s consistent uptime, fast page loading speeds, and scalability. if anything less that could negatively affect your user experience alongside SEO rankings.
  2. Managed services: Also check do they have automatic backups, security, and performance optimizers. What about the server and core updates, and more.
  3. Price: Unlike traditional web hosting managed hosting is far higher. But the fact is the matter of pricing is all about getting value for your money. And check the refund policy also so that if you are not comfortable you can ask for a refund.
  4. Developer features: How easy to use the features of building a website.

The bottom line is the hosting provider offers speed, reliability, and security. Will they do daily backups of your site? Are you getting a free SSL and CDN? Etc.


As we mentioned earlier Managed hosting isn’t right, or even necessary, for all websites. It completely depends on your site needs.

While managed WordPress hosting sounds amazing, it’s not for everybody. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons before you make your buying decision.

As we mentioned earlier Managed hosting isn’t right, or even necessary, for all websites. It completely depends on your site needs.

While managed WordPress hosting sounds amazing, it’s not for everybody. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons before you make your buying decision.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting for Blogging!

1. Ultra-Fast: Managed WordPress hosting has fast servers that specifically support WordPress.

2. Security: When comes to security measures Managed hosting works like a bulletproof car. They have robust security in place to keep malware and hacking attempts at bay.

3. Support: As you can imagine that Managed means everything is manageable for you via expert support teams. Because the expert team will help you to solve problems faster because they know all about WordPress.

4. Backups: Managed hosting providers take care of your daily backups, so you’ll be able to restore your site easily if you need to.

5. No Downtime: As they are optimized for WordPress and are super-fast, they never let your site likely go down, no matter how much traffic you get.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Price: Basically, this is the best downside to Managed WordPress hosting. They are going to be more expensive than shared hosting. But it’s worthwhile if you run heavy sites.

2. Limits: As a managed hosting service specialized for WordPress, often you are limited to running only WordPress sites. This means the providers will often block any plugins that slow down your site. I think, this is not a certain downside, but it can be an issue for larger companies.

3. Less Control: This means someone else is in charge of the technical stuff of your site. So you have a bit less control of your site. But they take your problem so that you don’t have the hassle of managing things yourself.

Now that you have already read the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting. Hope you’re probably wondering if it’s the right solution for you.

Top 7 Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers (in 2024)

Finding a good Premium WordPress hosting solution can be a little tricky. Technically, any provider can slap the managed label on its solutions.

Thus, you’ll need to be careful and make sure you’re actually getting your money’s worth.

This is why we made a comparison list so that you can easily pick the best one for you.

Here are the top 7 managed WordPress hosting for your WordPress Website.

1. WpEngine (Best for Speed, Stability, and Security)

WP Engine is the most well-known hosting company that provides managed WordPress solutions. It is a fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting provider.

WP Engine is one of the most popular managed hosts out there as its name suggests. They made their name as a managed WordPress hosting for everyone.

WP Engine also offers the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes with every plan. Isn’t that really the value of your money?

They also provide free CDN to all their customers. This will help your website to be faster compared to your competitors.

Basically, their plans start at $25/m but by using our link you get discounted to $ 22/m.

It comes with tons of features like daily automated backups, with 50GB bandwidth including 25,000 visits/month.

Along with you will get free SSL certificates, disaster recovery systems, and handles core WordPress updates.

WP Engine is also well known for providing excellent customer support. And they’ve got a team of trained WordPress experts who are ready to help you at any time 24/7.

If you are planning to migrate your site to WPEngine but are scared of the technical stuff involved? Don’t worry! Their expert team will handle the migration process for you at no extra cost.

Overall, WP Engine is a high-performance managed host that can be a powerful ally for every site that receives a high volume of traffic.

2. Rocket.net (Best Premium WordPress Hosting)

Rocket.net is another big name for premium WordPress hosting. They are relatively new in the hosting industry but they provide fantastic services for WordPress.

However, Rocket.net is already well known as managed WordPress host around. No matter what type of website Rocket.net is well designed to keep everyone in mind.

Rocket.net provides high-quality premium hosting focused on WordPress. If you want a host that handles your site so that you can focus on other stuff to grow your business.

In simple words, Rocket.net is the right option for you.

Basically, Rocket.net plans start at 30/months with 10GB of disk space and also come with free CDN/SSL. They have 20 global data center locations, so, you can select one nearer to your audience.

Additionally, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free migration. If you are still confused about Rocket.net, you can try it for one month for $1 dollar, and I am sure they will not be disappointed you.

They are super fast and quick to install, or if you face any issues, their managed team will handle your problem. Also, they are scalable at any time whenever you wish to upgrade your plans.

The bottom line is if you are worried about traffic, and downtime you can always trust Rocket.net because they handle everything.

Currently, this blog you read is hosted on Rocket hosting and I never got a single downside since 2021. You can try it if you already have a blog and want to scale to the next level.

Try Rocket.net!

3. Nexcess (Best Enterprise-Level Host)

Nexcess is a fully managed and ultra-fast web hosting company for WordPress.

They provide not only managed WordPress hosting but also offer managed WooCommerce hosting. They use the latest technologies including PHP7 and NGINX web servers.

Also, each of their hosting plans comes with lots of bundles that help you to improve the speed of your WordPress website.

Basically, Their plans start as low as $19/month with one website. Including 15 GB Storage, 2 TB Bandwidth, 30 Day Backups, and Unlimited Email Accounts that best value for money.

Don’t worry they have 7 plans, and you can host a single website with them for $19 per month. And if you want to host more sites, then you’ve to upgrade to a higher plan.

They also offer tons of useful features like automatic daily backups, free SSL, 24/7 support, and free migration service.

If you have a smart budget, and looking for rich features and fast-managed WordPress hosting, then Nexcess would be the best shot.

4. Cloudways (Best Affordable Managed Cloud Host)

Cloudways is the ultimately managed cloud hosting for small to medium businesses. Basically, it allows you to deploy WordPress through the cloud deployment of your choice.

You can choose the top-level cloud hosting provider in one dashboard. Top-level cloud hosts like Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, and Google cloud.

Their pricing is unique and unlike other hosting providers, you can pay them hourly as well. This sounds unrealistic, but it’s damn true. isn’t.

Basically, Their monthly plans start at different prices, starting from $10/month. The other plans start at $22/month, $42/month, $80/month, $135/month, and the most expensive one, $230/month. It all depends on you, all the plans

Cloudways is not solely for WordPress hosting but also offers other CMS and site options. But, when you deploy your WordPress site with the selected hosting that will be managed hosting.

They ensure the top-notch security of your site is secured. As a fact of the matter, you can migrate unlimited websites for free. Moreover, their expert team will do one migration for you for free.

If you are worried that you might not find it appealing, you can sign up for their three-day free trial and try it out free.

They have 60+ data centers are located around the globe. It is great that you can select a server that’s nearest to your target audience.

Typically, cloud hosting can be difficult to manage, but with the Cloudways managed solution it’s super easy by just pushing a few buttons.

5. InMotion Hosting (Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting)

WP Engine may be the best all-around provider for managed WordPress hosting.

However, when it comes to tons of features at affordable prices then, InMotion Hosting blows everyone out of the water. Let me walk you through why it did so well:

You have four plans to choose from, all of which include:

  • A free domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic updates for both software and plugins
  • SSL security
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free backups

If you wish to switch to managed WordPress hostings to upgrade your WordPress website, then you should certainly check out the site.

Basically, they have four plans to start at 4.99/m. You can choose which suits you the best and choose from the four plans that the site offers.

If you wish to try it out first these hosting servers come with 99.99 uptime with 90-day money-back guarantees.

This means you can track their service for at least 3 months. Meantime, if the services are not suitable for you then you can ask them for a refund.

Wow…What more can you possibly wish for? Their expert team helps you to get ready for your site within a few minutes.

The cheapest plan is the WP-1000S plan, which starts at just $4.99 per month with 50GB of SSD storage. The features continue to grow more advanced as you grow along with the plans.

There are tons of room for choice and growth, meaning you can find the best plan for your needs. And this is one of the best affordable managed WordPress hosting.

6. Bluehost (Best for Features)

Bluehost is another WordPress managed on our list. They offer high-performance web hosting for any type of website owner.

They are incredibly fast, secure, and reliable hosting that’s completely managed for WordPress.

Core Features:

  • Free CDN
  • HTTP/2.0
  • Website staging
  • Free SSL certificate
  • WordPress Multi-sites
  • Daily website backups
  • SFTP access to your webspace
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Database access via PHP MyAdmin
  • WordPress software updates are managed by Bluehost.
  • Single data center located in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 24/7 ticket support

Basically, The Bluehost plans start from $19.95 a month for their Personal plan which includes unlimited storage and unlimited Bandwidth.

They ensure 99.97 percent and unlike some of the other options in this guide, the entry-level plan lets you create unlimited websites, rather than just one.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can see for yourself if the Bluehost customer service lives up to the marketing claims.

Overall, we’re not factoring in the Scale Plan in this comparison since it doesn’t seem to qualify as a managed WordPress hosting plan.

The downside of Bluehost would be the lack of fast live chat for entry plans. Otherwise, all can help to make it easier to run and manage a WordPress website.

In a nutshell, Bluehost is one of the Managed WordPress hosting providers for agencies and publishers.

7. Hostinger (Best For mid-range Business)

Hostinger is another WordPress hosting provider on our list. It provides a full spectrum of hosting solutions, each with remarkable performance.

Basically, The entry-level plan at Hostinger is very generous starting at $1.99 per month. With the basic plans, you will get free site migration, 30-day backup, and restore 24/7 support.

Advanced users will also get enjoy a ton of options including Git integration and SSH access.

Hostinger is basically a top-notch hosting provider and the speed is at the higher end of the servers as we tested, especially on the US west coast.

Anyway, Hostinger is good for Portfolios, blogs, brochure sites, and light eCommerce. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, then you could go with these providers.

After long research and testing, we have found the top 7 Best Managed WordPress hosting for anyone who wants to start or scale. You won’t go wrong with above any of them because they are trusted by millions of users.

FAQ’Q: Managed WordPress Hosting

Do You Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

It completely depends on you. If you are a beginner who just wants to start a blog then you do not need managed WordPress hosting.

But If you lack the technical skills, then average web hosting can become tough as your site grows. Because, with an average hosting like shared you are responsible for security, updates, speed, uptime, etc.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth it?

Yes, Managed WordPress Hosting is Worthwhile. Because once your WordPress site has become a valuable asset, so you should make sure it’s secure and runs efficiently. And managed WordPress hosting is the best hands to help with this.

Is managed WordPress hosting only suitable for big WordPress sites?

That’s not true. A big WordPress site can possibly be handled with WordPress-managed hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, etc. It depends upon you which one you prefer to go with.

What’s the cheapest managed WordPress hosting provider?

There are lots of managed WordPress hosting options out there. Here in our list we highly recommend Cloudways And WPEngine. You won’t go wrong with them because of scalability and uptime.

Do I need to start my website with managed WordPress hosting?

If you just want to start a brand new website then shared hosting is way enough. But if the budget, is not a problem then you can start your website with Managed WordPress hosting.

Which is better, managed WordPress hosting, or shared WordPress hosting?

Well, Both are perfect in their own place. If you’re just starting out a website, you should probably go with a shared hosting service. On the other hand, If you have a growing site or high traffic, then you can go with managed WordPress hosting.

Do you need to buy a domain and managed WordPress hosting from the same company?

No, you don’t. You can buy a domain name and managed WordPress hosting from a different company. It depends on it and you can easily connect your domain with your managed providers.


Basically, Managed hosting would be the ideal choice if you’re looking for speed and security without worrying about the technical stuff. Hope this Managed WordPress hosting comparison helped you choose a provider for your website.

To conclude that here is my top pick:

1. WP Engine – Overall, Best for performance, reliability, pricing, and features.

2. Rocket.net – All the features of premium managed WordPress hosting and ultra-fast servers.

3. Nexcess – Best for Enterprise WordPress Websites with high performance and heroic support.

If you want pretty much everything all in one provider then go with WPEngine or Rocket.net. These options match every requirement you are looking for.

But if you’re looking for a more affordable Managed WordPress alternative, then you can go with InMotion Hosting. It’s another web host that we can highly recommend.

Anyway, Managed hosting is suitable for commercial and business purposes or big Blog sites.

Even if you can also use managed hosting for your personal site if you are willing to invest in your website to make it worthy.

Hopefully, our list has helped you to find the perfect hosting site to match your unique taste and needs.

Let me know. Which managed wp hosting are you using? Have you ever used one of these managed WordPress hosts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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