In this documentation guide, we’ll discuss the use of the quarter of the year shortcode, designed to effortlessly showcase the ongoing quarter number of the current year through AIO Shortcodes plugin.

Getting Started With Quarter Of The Year Shortcode

Before you take the plunge, ensure that you’ve successfully integrated and activated the AIO Shortcodes plugin on your WordPress website.

Revealing The Quarter of The Year

To harness the power of this shortcode, follow these intuitive steps:

  • Integrate the shortcode seamlessly within your content: [aio_quarter_year]
  • Witness the magic as the shortcode gracefully displays the ongoing quarter number: 3

Personalization & Unique Attributes

At the moment, [aio_quarter_year] doesn’t come equipped with customizable attributes. It seamlessly discloses the current quarter number, maintaining its simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are some insightful queries to enhance your understanding of the current quarter of the year shortcode.

How can I incorporate the shortcode effectively?

First, install AIO Shortcodes and then insert the quarter of the year shortcode into your WordPress content using this straightforward format: [aio_quarter_year] and it will display and update the quarter number automatically.

Can I style the quarter number’s appearance?

Currently, it doesn’t support customization through attributes. It gracefully unfolds the ongoing quarter number, showcasing its elegance.

Still not using AIO Shortcodes?

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