In this knowledge base tutorial, we will see, how to write trademark symbol using an AIO Shortcodes plugin.

Let’s explore.

Getting Started With Shortcode

Before inserting [aio_tm] shortcode on your WordPress website content, make sure you have installed/activated AIO Shortcodes plugin.

This copyright symbol shortcode can be used anywhere within your content, including post/page titles, headings, lists, paragraphs, sidebars, widgets, menu items, etc.

Using Trademark Symbol Shortcode

The use of AIO Shortcodes’ [aio_tm] shortcode to display the trademark symbol is straightforward.

Here’s an example of input (that you write within the content editor) and output (that is displayed on the front-end content).

  • Input: [aio_tm]
  • Output: (your IP address value)

All you have to do is insert the shortcode anywhere within your page/post content, and it will display the  symbol when you publish/update the post.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

This section contains the answers to frequently asked questions about the trademark symbol shortcode.

What’s the output of the [aio_tm] shortcode?

The [aio_tm] shortcode displays the trademark symbol ().

What is the purpose of the trademark symbol ()?

The trademark symbol () is used to indicate that a particular word, phrase, mark, or logo is a registered trademark.

Can I add the trademark symbol to my website content without using a shortcode?

Yes! To add the trademark symbol without using the shortcode, you can simply type “” or use the HTML entity “” in your content.

Although you can easily use the [aio_tm] shortcode to display the trademark symbol () on your WordPress website.

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