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[aio_mobile number="987-654-3210" text="Call us on mobile"]

In the documentation guide, we will explore the convenience of the mobile shortcode, which empowers you to seamlessly enable mobile calling on your WordPress website.

With the AIO Shortcodes plugin, you can effortlessly generate clickable links that initiate direct phone calls to specified mobile numbers, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Getting Started With Mobile Shortcode

This shortcode serves as a versatile tool within your toolkit, allowing you to create interactive links that, upon being clicked, smoothly trigger phone calls directly to designated mobile numbers.

Whether you intend to facilitate quick user inquiries or streamline communication, this shortcode offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution.

Using The Shortcode For Mobile Calling

To get started with mobile calling functionality on your WordPress website, make sure you’ve successfully installed and activated the AIO Shortcodes plugin.

Next, incorporate the [aio_mobile number="987-654-3210" text="Call us on mobile"] shortcode, as shown below:

  • 987-654-3210‘ is the placeholder for your own mobile number.
  • Call us on mobile‘ is the link text you can personalize according to your preference.

Integrate this shortcode seamlessly into various parts of your content, such as post/page titles, headings, lists, paragraphs, sidebars, widgets, and more.

By incorporating this shortcode, you can effortlessly generate clickable links that, when clicked, directly initiate phone calls to the specified mobile number, providing a convenient means for users to get in touch instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

This section addresses common queries regarding WordPress mobile shortcode, assisting you in optimizing its capabilities.

How do I use your shortcode in my WordPress content?

Simply insert the shortcode using the following format: [aio_mobile number="mobile_number" text="link_text"]. Customize the ‘number‘ attribute with the mobile number and the ‘text‘ attribute with the desired link text.

Is it possible to use country codes with mobile numbers?

Yes, you can use country codes in the ‘number‘ attribute to ensure accurate calling, such as [aio_mobile number="+1-987-654-3210" text="Call us from the US"].

Still not using AIO Shortcodes?

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