December 2, 2024


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into using the Cyber Monday date shortcode, designed to enhance your WordPress website by seamlessly integrating Cyber Monday-related dates in various formats.

Similar to other shortcodes, this enables you to dynamically display Cyber Monday information across your site.

Getting Started With Cyber Monday Date Shortcode

To utilize the shortcode, ensure you’ve successfully installed and activated the AIO Shortcodes plugin on your WordPress website.

Basic Usage of [aio_cybermonday]

The shortcode displays Cyber Monday-related date content.

Let’s explore its full potential through practical examples that enhance user experience.

  • Input: [aio_cybermonday]
  • Output: December 2, 2024 (date with default format)

Placing the shortcode within your content, such as pages, posts, or widgets, will dynamically showcase Cyber Monday date details.

Unlocking Advanced Options And Attributes

Additionally, the Cyber Monday date shortcode offers advanced options to tailor your content.

Utilizing ‘go’ Attribute:

Employ the ‘go‘ attribute to calculate future or past Cyber Monday dates. The format is [aio_cybermonday go="x"], with ‘x‘ indicating the desired time difference.

  • Input: [aio_cybermonday go="1"]
  • Output: December 1, 2025 (upcoming date for Cyber Monday + 1)
  • Input: [aio_cybermonday go="-1"]
  • Output: November 28, 2022 (past years date for Cyber Monday – 2)

Leveraging ‘format’ Attribute:

The ‘format‘ attribute empowers you to personalize the display format of Cyber Monday date information.

  • Input: [aio_cybermonday format="mmmm dd, yyyy"]
  • Output: December 02, 2024 (default format)
  • Input: [aio_cybermonday format="ddS mm, yyyy"]
  • Output: 2nd 12, 2024 (Cyber Monday date in suffix to date, short month, and year)

Combined Attributes:

Maximize the shortcode’s potential by combining attributes for precise outcomes.

  • Input: [aio_cybermonday go="3" format="dd-mm-yyyy"]
  • Output: 29-11-2027 (Cyber Monday + 3 in custom format)
  • Input: [aio_cybermonday go="-5" format="yyyy/mm/dd"]
  • Output: 2019/12/02 (Past Cyber Monday – 5 in specified format)

Feel free to experiment with these attribute combinations to effectively showcase Cyber Monday-related content on your WordPress website.

Cyber Monday Date Format Options List

Here’s a format options list of offered date formats for displaying in different ways:

For month components:

  • mmmm” outputs the full month name (default) like January, July, December, etc.
  • mmm” outputs the short month name like Feb, Sep, Nov, etc.
  • mm” outputs the month number with/without a leading zero like 01, 09, 11, etc.

For day components:

  • dd” outputs the day of the month with a leading zero (01, 02, …, 31).
  • ddS” outputs the day of the month with a leading zero and suffixes (01st, 02nd, 03rd, 04th, …, 31st).
  • d” outputs the day of the month without a leading zero (1, 2, 3…, 31).
  • dS” outputs the day of the month with suffixes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, …, 31st).

For year components:

  • yyyy” outputs the full year (e.g., 2023, 2024, etc.).
  • yy” outputs the last two digits of the year (e.g., 23, 24).

These formats highlight the Cyber Monday shortcode’s versatility, allowing you to customize your date information in different formats.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here, you can find answers to common inquiries about using the Cyber Monday date shortcode in WordPress.

How can I display Cyber Monday date update automatically using a shortcode?

To showcase Cyber Monday date (that changes automatically), install and activate the AIO Shortcodes plugin. Then, insert the [aio_cybermonday] shortcode into your page, post, or widget. This will dynamically display/update the date.

Can I use the shortcode to show past or future dates?

Absolutely! You can utilize the ‘go‘ attribute to display past or future Cyber Mondays. For example, [aio_cybermonday go="4"] will present the date of the Cyber Monday event which is four events away.

Is it possible to customize the date format for Cyber Monday?

Certainly! You can customize the date format using the ‘format‘ attribute. For instance, [aio_cybermonday format="yyyy-mm-dd"] will format the Cyber Monday date as year/month/day in number like 2024-12-02.

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