Does it still make sense to open a blog in 2024? Nowadays we can say that the world of the web is full of personal blogs that propose different topics and that use different approaches.

But how many of these blogs are really successful? The answer is few, or rather, very few!

There are many reasons to open a blog to give vent to creativity, to improve brand identity, or to increase their business.

It’s been 25 years since the opening of the first personal blog. We talk, in fact, about 1994, when Justin Hall opened his first personal website on where he wrote confusing posts about thoughts and opinions.

After so long, then, how useful can it be to open a blog? This is up to you!

Is it Worth Starting a Blog in 2024

1. Blog Fashion

Over the years, the blog has experienced moments of great importance and moments of great decline. There are more than 500 million personal websites on the network to date. Do they look too much for you?

If we calculate that only a few of these are successful blogs, yes. Everyone else stops in limbo from which it is not easy to get out.

Blogging has undergone transformations and metamorphoses since 1994. But how did it get to the present day?

Initially, throughout the 1990s the blog was seen as a virtual diary on which to write your thoughts and upload some photographs.

Already since 2000, we see the first change with the birth of vlogs and blogs in which the main form of communication is video.

Since 2000 the blog has also been seen as a means to a real business. Questions arise about freedom of expression and privacy. The blog then starts to be something more serious.

In 2003 the famous blogging platform WordPress was born, the most common means of creating your own personal blog.

From that moment simple writing post becomes live blogging, especially for topics such as politics and sports.

This phenomenon, called cyber journalists, leads to the narrowing of the line between blogs and the press.

Between 2003 and 2007 the field of blogging is loaded with novelties: platforms such as MySpace, Twitter, and Tumblr are born, and new spaces that turn the blog into microblogging, with increasingly short texts.

The rise of YouTube, moreover, from a major jolt to personal websites that lose appeal, lag away from entertainment videos, and Youtubers become more and more famous.

2. Success Stories

The most famous Italian bloggers are well known to the last generations. Some examples are Chiara Ferragni, Salvatore Aranzulla, Clio Make-up, and many others.

These famous blogs were born of simple ideas, but they achieved success thanks to the consistency and quality of the content.

Opening a blog in 2024, therefore, can be useful, but you are unlikely to achieve the success of these important blogs. Because? Because the world of blogging is now saturated with emerging sites that fail to stand out.

This, however, does not mean that it has become useless to open a blog in 2024. It is worth Starting a blog if you have the right motivation and if you have the will to struggle to achieve your goals.

Reasons To Open A Blog in 2024

First, before you open a blog, it’s important that you understand what you want to achieve and why you create your website.

Once established, the reasons why it is useful to open your blog are:

1. It’s your space: Unlike social networks, in your blog, the rules are set by you and you decide what and how to publish. The domain name is yours and you only need to respond to Google.

2. Manage your business: Your website is flexible and you can shape it to your taste, to best fit your business to grow your brand and your eCommerce.

3. Visibility: By writing quality content, you can top Google’s top results

4. Monetize and Earn: If you use the right techniques and consistency, you can make it a real business and earn good money from blogging.

5. Communication: The basis of the success of your blog must be good communication, excellent strategy, audience knowledge, and strong relational skills

6. Make a difference: In order to be successful you have to be different from the rest of the blogs, then customize it with your style, your graphics, and your taste

7. You have something to say: it’s easy to talk about something, but a good blog really has something to convey, it’s not just a virtual diary

If your goal is to be very successful, the commitment to employ in the care of your blog will have to be huge. One solution might be to rely on industry professionals who can help you care for your site.

But let’s see what are the reasons for NOT opening a blog.

Opening a blog in 2024: How much Effort Does it Take?

Bloggers certainly don’t talk about it, but to have a successful blog takes a lot of care and commitment. The time it takes to better manage your site, therefore, is a lot.

Just think of the fact that to write a single quality post, on average, takes more than 3 hours. Attention to graphics is challenging, especially if you are a novice.

If your goal is to have a successful blog, you could take web marketing courses or turn to competent agencies and copywriters, so the economic factor is also not to be underestimated.

So, is the investment worth it? It’s up to you!

In addition, there are four important factors that you’ll need to consider:

  • Constance
  • Commitment
  • Content
  • Strategy

For those who want everything right away, the path of blogging is definitely the wrong one. Achieving the desired goals is by no means easy, and it takes a long time.

Being consistent in the care of the blog can pay off one day, but it takes a lot of patience. Making your blog a priority is, therefore, essential if you want to create a serious and quality blog.

It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to spend in the studio and in creative activities.

Creating quality content that Google likes, as we’ve already said, can be a challenge.

SEO, in fact, is a complex technique and it takes a lot of effort to learn it. The authority of a blog is fundamental and acquiring it is not easy.

In addition, it’s helpful to learn Web Marketing strategies through courses and by comparing yourself with industry experts. Create your own strategy to achieve success.

FAQ: Does it Still Make Sense to Open a Blog in 2024

  • Is Blogging Dead in 2024?

    No, blogging isn’t dead in 2024 and never it will be. But become a new business model in this decade.

    There are many small to big companies that are using a blog as a sales model. They are achieving consistent results with their blogs, so they never will be dead.

  • Is It Worth Opening A blog In 2024?

    Yes, opening a blog is still worth it in 2024. Despite all the new technology, people still need text to research or read.

    There are many come and gone but the text business has still been alive since the beginning.

  • Does Anyone Read Blogs in 2024?

    Yes, people still read blogs in 2024. And It will most likely continue to read them for a long time.

    However, there are some important things that have changed in how we read them. It is worth it today and it will be tomorrow.

  • Is A Blog Can Be A Profitable Business?

    Yes, A blog Could be A Profitable Business. If you treat your blog like a business and care about it like a baby, in the long term it would be a profitable business.

    There are many blogs out there that would generate $1 million per year.

  • Is it too late to open a blog in 2024?

    Not exactly, you can open your blog anytime you want, it depends upon you.

    But if you are late to start then your niche, definitely would be competitive. In a nutshell, It’s not too late to start a blog but you should start today for a better tomorrow.


I hope you understand the whole concept behind to open a blog In 2024?

I firmly believe that blogging is for everyone whether young or old, experienced or beginner, a business professional or stay home mom, it doesn’t matter that much to start a blog.

Now it’s your turn to share your thought around the globe. Just you need two freaking things to start your journey;

We all have the knowledge and expertise to share with the world. So don’t let it be waste another year go by without launching your own blog.

One request: If you find this article helpful, share it with friends and family.

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