If you want to know how to start a travel blog and make money traveling in 2024. Don’t worry WordPress makes it easy for you. With WordPress, You can start a travel blog just a few steps away in 2024.

A WordPress travel blog is the best way to share your travel experiences with others. There are millions of people around the world who love to discover new tourist destinations by reading a travel blog.

It is not just a way for self-expression. You can use it as a source of earnings also if you monetize your blogs.

Nowadays, most travel companies use travel blogs as a powerful marketing tool to promote their products.

In this article, we will tell you how to start a travel blog in 2024 with step-by-step instructions.

Let’s follow!

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money (Step-by-Step Guide for 2024)

To start a blog in 2024, you need to have mainly four things – a sound idea, a catchy domain name, a strong web host, and a WordPress (blogging platform) account.

If you have all of these, you can create a blog following a few easy steps. Here are the 8 simple steps that you need to follow –

Step 1. Choose a Unique Name

The first step toward creating a travel blog in 2024 is to select a unique domain name. A domain name is a name that appears on your URL.

It becomes your identification in the web world. Your audiences know you by this name. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing a domain name.

It should reflect your niche and your objective. Nowadays, you can purchase your domain name from your web host.

But, availability is a factor. You should always keep four to five options ready because you never know which one will be available for you.

Step 2. Choose Hosting Provider

After you find a suitable domain name, now it’s time to go for a web hosting service. Web hosting means it is a tool that makes your website accessible to your readers online.

The market is flooded with hosting service providers. Each comes with its own unique features. It is quite obvious on your part to get confused about which one to go for.

When you start a travel blog in 2024, your blog page loading is a Google ranking factor, so choose a good blog hosting.

Keeping that in mind we would recommend Bluehost. The reason is, that it is the official website hosting service provider for WordPress. It is so user-friendly, fast, and comes at a reasonable price.

Step 3. Install WordPress

There are many advantages of installing WordPress on your local device. It increases your safety and security and also helps you to keep track of your blogs easily.

With Bluehost, installing WordPress is a matter of just a few clicks. To install WordPress with Bluehost, here are the steps you need to follow –

  • Sign up with Bluehost and create your account
  • After the signup process is complete, Bluehost will send you a email with instructions about how to log in to the customer area
  • Once you log in to the customer area you will receive a wizard from Bluehost which will guide you through the WordPress installation process
  • In case you don’t find any such wizard, navigate to the “My site” area and click on the “Create Site” button to get the wizard
  • Fill in all the necessary details like username and password that you will require to manage your blogs in the respective fields
  • After you complete the installation process, you will be able to access your WordPress dashboard by going to yourdomain.com or wp-admin

Overall, Bluehost is one of the best web hostings for beginners. If you haven’t signed up yet with Bluehost, make sure to click here to get a discount price.

Step 4. Get a WordPress Travel Blog Theme

Now it’s time to choose a perfect travel blog theme. A theme defines the look of the blog. And, that is an important thing that your users notice.

They feel like going through a blog only when they find the look attractive. So, the look is one of the most crucial elements of a blog website.

You need to be very careful while selecting your blog theme. There are tons of options available in the market. We would recommend WordPress Travel Blog by CyberChimps.

CyberChimps Travel Blog Theme is a free responsive template that comes with the theme Responsive Pro.

It offers you multiple pre-designed pages. You can import these with just a single click, add your details, and hit the “Publish” button to make your pages live.

You can edit your details afterward by using the drag and drop editor. There are predefined content layouts, menu builders, and many sidebar layouts. The theme has many header and footer options.

It lets you add sliders and carousels to your site to make it more impressive. WordPress Travel Blog is cross-browser compatible and SEO-ready. It is WooCommerce integrated.

This feature helps you to monetize your blogs easily. You can translate this fast-loading template into any language.

Step 5. Create an About Us Page

When people read your travel blog, they want to know about you. Who you are, where you come from, what your interests are all these questions come to their mind.

To answer these questions, a nicely structured about us page is the best option. If you are an individual travel blogger and write about your travel experiences, it helps you to develop a better connection with the readers.

If you wish to run a travel company, on this page you can talk about the services you offer.

For this you can use the WordPress Travel Blog theme from CyberChimps, creating an About page is even easier than you think.

You can either use a ready-made pre-designed template or you can create your own page as per your choice.

The theme is compatible with all modern drag and drops page builder plugins. You can go for Elementor, Visual Composer, or whatever you want in case you want to design a classy and professional landing page.

Step 6. Add Images and Information

Images are the lifeline of a travel blog. People read travel blogs mainly because of reasons. Either they want to know about the places and explore the scenic beauty or they want to know how to get there.

In both cases, images play a vital role in satisfying the readers. Use your original images as much as possible. It will make your blog unique.

Try to build a pictorial story about the major attractions of a travel destination. If you are in the hospitality sector or run your own travel agency, add your product images to your blog.

But, never forget to optimize your images. Use small sizes and add proffer alt tags. It is a good practice to use keywords in the alt tags.

As a WordPress travel blogger, you should always give adequate information to your readers. Think from their point of view and try to find out what kind of information they will be interested in. Accordingly, write your blog.

But avoid information overload. Balance information with the emotional touch that you add to your writings. Remember, what people usually look for in a travel blog is infotainment. You have to design your blog that way.

Step 7. Write Your First Blog Post

Now, you are at the most crucial stage. You are all set to write the first blog post. For that purpose, here are the steps you need to follow –

  • Head on to your WordPress dashboard
  • In the left sidebar, you will find a “Post” section, hover over it
  • Now, click on the “Add new” button
  • The WordPress editor will be launched
  • Draft your blog using the easy to use content blocks
  • You can add text, images, videos, and links to your blogs using WordPress
  • WordPress offers you a drag and drop interface, all you need to do is just pick up a block and place it wherever you want
  • Once you are done, check the preview by clicking on the preview button in the top left corner of your screen
  • If you are happy with the preview, hit the “Publish” button to make your blog live

NOTE: Before you write a blog post make sure you do proper keyword research for your blog post.

Step 8. Promote Your Blog on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to increase your traffic is to promote your blogs on social media. Here are some tips shared by Social media experts –

  • Add a social sharing button to your blog and ask your readers to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere using the button
  • Create an official Facebook page and share your blogs there
  • Share the Images on Instagram and give your link in the description
  • Create YouTube videos and give your links in the description box
  • Send direct messages via email to people who have shown interest in your blogs before

FAQ: Travel Blog

How do I start a travel blog in 2024?

Here is the ultimate guide to Starting a Travel Blog in 2024 Step 1. Choose a Unique Name Step 2. Choose Hosting Provider Step 3. Install WordPress Step 4. Get WordPress Travel Blog Theme Step 5. Create About Us Page Step 6. Add Images and Information Step 7. Write Your First Blog Post Step 8. Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Can I start a travel blog without Travelling?

Travel blogging doesn’t work in this way. But Yes you can, maintain your travel blog even when you aren’t traveling. It often works, as long as you have some real-life experiences of traveling.

How much does it cost to start a travel blog?

If you want to start a travel blog with WordPress, then it’s only costing you a custom domain and hosting to start.

The cost is around $100 for years of domain and hosting. But other costs will be added once your blog starts growing.

Is it too late to start a travel blog?

Never it will be late if you are really passionate about something, you can start at any time and anywhere.

In the same way, if you love traveling and want to make money from it then start travel blogging.

Is it worth it to start a travel blog in 2024?

Definitely, It’s worth starting a travel blog in 2024. Since the beginning, the text business still works and it would work always.

Every single day thousands of people are getting started on their own blogs because of the possibility of making real money. If you are passionate about traveling, then travel blogging could be your main income source.


In this article, we tried to show you how to Start a WordPress travel blog. We have also shared with you some valuable tips given by expert writers to make your blog more attractive and interesting.

But, all the tips that we shared are very generic in nature. You know your audience better. So, you only can understand what they will like the most.

Try to feel their pulse and then give them what they want to read. If you can meet their level of expectations, you are bound to succeed. There is nothing that can stop you.

Hope you enjoy This blog post…

If you have any questions share them in the comment below… For any further discussion Join Our VIP Group!

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