In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the usage of the [aio_today] shortcode, collectively referred to as the “Today’s Day Shortcode,” within AIO Shortcodes.

We’ll explore the versatile functionality of this shortcode, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and display today’s day name in different formats across your WordPress website.

Getting Started With Today’s Day Shortcode

To harness the power of the [aio_today] shortcode, it’s essential to have the AIO Shortcodes plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site.

These dynamic shortcodes can be effortlessly incorporated into various sections of your content, including post/page titles, headings, paragraphs, lists, sidebars, widgets, and even menu items, offering a wide range of display possibilities.

Basic Usage of Today’s Day Shortcode

Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the AIO Shortcodes plugin, the process of showcasing today’s day name, along with the option to view past and future days, becomes remarkably straightforward.

Let’s explore practical examples that illustrate the potential of these shortcodes in enhancing your user experience.

  • Input: [aio_today]
  • Output: Friday

Placing the above shortcode within your content will dynamically display today’s day name.

Unveiling Advanced Options And Attributes

The Today’s Day Shortcode also comes equipped with advanced options that enable you to tailor its functionality to suit your specific requirements.

Utilizing ‘go’ Attribute:

The ‘go‘ attribute empowers you to calculate days from the current date, whether in the past or future. The syntax is as follows: [aio_today go="x"] – where ‘x‘ denotes the desired day offset for display.

  • Input: [aio_today go="2"]
  • Output: Sunday (today + 2 days)
  • Input: [aio_today go="-4"]
  • Output: Monday (today – 4 days)

Leveraging ‘format’ Attribute:

The ‘format‘ attribute provides you with the flexibility to customize the display format of the day’s name.

  • Input: [aio_today format="short"]
  • Output: Fri (day name in a short format like Sun, Mon, Fri)

Combining Attributes:

The true power of the Today’s Day Shortcode lies in combining multiple attributes to achieve precise outcomes.

  • Input: [aio_today go="2" format="short"]
  • Output: Sun (today + 2 days in a short format like Tue, Thu, Sat)

Feel free to experiment with these attribute combinations to effectively display day-related content on your WordPress site.

Today’s Shortcode Combinations & Samples

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive table showcasing various examples of using today day shortcode, both with and without attributes.

InputDisplay the day name for today + 2 days in a short formatOutput
[aio_today]FridayDisplay today’s day name
[aio_today go="3"]MondayDisplay the day name for today + 3 days
[aio_today go="-6"]SaturdayDisplay the day name for today – 6 days
[aio_today format="short"]FriDisplay today’s day name in short format (e.g., Sun, Mon, Fri)
[aio_today go="1" format="short"]SatDisplay the day name for today + 2 days in short format
[aio_today go="-19" format="short"]SunDisplay the day name for today – 19 days in short format

These examples exemplify the versatility of the shortcode, empowering you to tailor your content to different day name formats.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Find prompt answers to common queries about today’s day shortcode in this section.

How do I display today’s day name using a shortcode?

Simply install and activate the AIO Shortcodes plugin, then insert the [aio_today] shortcode into any page, post, or widget to dynamically display today’s day name.

Can I display future or past days using the shortcode?

Absolutely! Utilize the ‘go‘ attribute to calculate days in the future or past. For example, [aio_today go="4"] will display the day four days from today (e.g. Tuesday).

Is it possible to change the day display format?

Certainly! Employ the ‘format‘ attribute to customize the display format. For instance, [aio_today format="short"] will show the day name in a short format like Sun, Tue, Fri etc.

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